Herald Loses Another, Horrigan To Depart

The baseball beat on the Boston Herald has taken another blow, as Jeff Horrigan will be leaving and looking for a non-journalism job in Milwaukee, where his wife is from.

Scott’s Shots has the details.

It’s the latest in a series of losses for the Herald, which earlier this season could boast of one of the best collection of baseball writers in the country with Horrigan, Michael Silverman, Rob Bradford and Tony Massarotti. Now, only Silverman will remain.

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However, it’s nice to see that Belichick is still feisty. He just turned 60 years old and it’s been seven seasons (going on eight) since the Patriots last won the big one. Three rings bought a lot of good will, but even he has to realize that the bank account’s getting low.

— Mark Farinella, Sun-Chronicle, 6/17/12
  • Michael Gee

    Very sad news for my alma mater. Jeff and Joe Gordon (golf)were by far the best beat reporters to work with when I was a columnist. Not that the other folks weren’t good, too, but they were outstanding.

  • george

    Where is Massarotti going? Pursuing a career in opera maybe?

  • Chris

    Jeff is a class act through and through. A no-nonsense guy who understood the game of baseball and stayed above the fray so that he could gain the trust of his subjects. I sincerely wish him and his family well.