Three Year Extension For Ainge –

From the website: and’s Jeff Goodman is reporting that Danny Ainge, who received a promotion to President of Basketball Operations Tuesday, has been given a contract extension which will lengthen his deal until the conclusion of the 2011-12 season. It adds three years to a contract which would have expired after this season. — Rob Bradford (Oct. 28, 9:28 a.m.)

Good scoop for Rob Bradford’s crew.

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I don’t think D&C are unlikeable. They’re passionate and sometimes their comments and opinions can be perceived as negative. But they are incredibly smart, well prepared and far more knowledgeable about sports than Toucher and Rich. That’s why they’re as successful as they are. Toucher and Rich are talented radio guys and they have a following, but if you want sports, D&C are the choice.

— Jason Wolfe, Chat, 8/3/12
  • Mark

    Considering their business dealings with WEEI, I don’t know if the term “scoop” applies. Maybe “hand fed from the Celtics PR dept.”…

  • MarkB

    How is it a “scoop” when Fox Sports got it at the same time? As my friend Mark said above, it’s hardly a scoop in any case when there’s money joining the two organizations.

  • Mike

    Kind of a coincidence, but this posting on is so bad that I thought it deserved mention. It’s a photo album of the ring ceremony, and they get you to click on it by saying, “Just like you were there.”

    Once you click, you get the WORST, most pathetic photo gallery of all time. The pictures were definitely shot by camera phone. Seriously, so bad.

    • sam

      Maybe that’s what it would have looked like if I had spent the afternoon in Sully’s Tap. The first and last time I go to