Where Did Chip Carey Get “Caballito” From?

There’s been a lot of talk today about Chip Carey’s line from last night:

How many times when we saw the Red Sox this summer did they talk about Caballito, Dustin Pedroia, the little pony?”

Of course, no one around here can remember anyone ever referring to Pedroia as “Caballito,” so it has been  speculated that someone pulled a fast one on Carey during his preparation for the game, perhaps a Red Sox player, or that maybe even this was an “Anchorman” moment, where Carey was just fed something and he repeated it.

Doing a quick Google search only reveals one other instance of this nickname being used on Pedroia: 

On the MLB on TBS MySpace page, there is this in the April 19th, 2008 edition of Buck Martinez’s Mailbag:

Q: I’m a huge fan of Travis ‘Pronk’ Hafner- did you have any nicknames besides Buck when you played? What are you some of your favorite nicknames for guys that are playing now?

From: Lara Kaczka, Conshohoken, PA

My nickname in Milwaukee was “Tour Guide” as I always like to get out and visit the sites in the various cities we traveled to. My favorite name of players today in “Caballito” for Dustin Pedroia. The Little Pony. Very approproiate.

So Carey’s partner on the broadcast last night, Buck Martinez, was obviously the one who told Carey about it, but we still don’t know where the name originated, and if, in fact, anyone actually refers to Pedroia as “Caballito.”

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  • http://pipsbadideas.blogpsot.com Pip

    When my fiancee and I heard that last night we died laughing. I thought He was bringing up a nickname the Japanese fans gave Pedroia from their trip to start this season. I then started singing the my little pony theme song everytime he came up to bat. Someone needs to leave one of those in Dustin’s locker, I’m looking at you Papi.

  • MarkB

    Maybe word from the locker room is that he’s hung like a pony. Can I say that?