CSN Celtics-Bulls Top Rated Show on Local TV

From CSN this afternoon:

Celtics-Bulls at Top of Ratings Chart in Seven Male and Female Demos

BURLINGTON, MA – Comcast SportsNet’s Celtics-Bulls telecast was the Number 1 or Number 2 rated program in seven different demos on Friday, December 19, earning a record 7.5 rating and reaching an estimated 270,000 households in New England.

In the Boston television market, Comcast SportsNet’s Celtics-Bulls telecast was a winner in the following demos:

No. 1 with Males 18-34 – 9.2 peak

No. 1 with Males 18-49 – 8.7

No. 1 with Males 25-54 – 8.6

No. 2 with Adults 18-34 – 5.3

No. 1 with Adults 18-49 – 6.5

No. 1 with Adults 25-54 – 6.6

No. 2 with Women 18-49 – 4.6

CSN’s Celtics-Bulls household rating peaked at a 10.2, reaching an estimated 368,000 homes in New England. The previous regular season record of 6.8 was set earlier this year when the Celtics defeated the Atlanta Hawks on November 12. Celtics-Hawks also peaked at a 10.2.

“We are delighted that our Celtics games have become a top draw with both male and female viewers. Being number one or two with adults demonstrates that the Celtics are reaching a larger audience than ever before,” said Bill Bridgen, Comcast SportsNet executive vice president and general manager.

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    Glad to see the C’s pulling good numbers, but to cite the peak quarter hour’s when calling them #1 in X or Y demo is inaccurate. You need to compare the program average (likely 10 or 11 quarter hours of data) to the program averages of the other shows that competed with the C’s. I’m sure they still fare well, but the averages (the true measure of the game) are likely a few points less than the #’s Comcast cites.