Julie Donaldson Out at Channel 7

Boston TV News and The Inside Track are reporting that channel 7 sports reporter Julie Donaldson has resigned, citing personal reasons.

Donaldson’s short tenure at the station has been a rocky one, after dealing with a high profile domestic battery case in which she was the victim.

According to the Track article, Donaldson didn’t file a report from the Patriots/Steelers game two weeks ago, and that is also part of the situation.

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But that didn’t make up for the fact that the Pats bollixed up that first pick like amateurs.

— Kevin Mannix, Boston Herald, 04/25/05, After the Patriots selected Logan Mankins
  • sam the butcher

    Who cares?

  • Bruce

    Since she was a sports reporter and this is a sports media website, I thought it worth at least a mention.

  • http://fangsbites.blogspot.com/ Ken Fang

    It’s news because of her very short tenure and the fact that she had the high profile trial earlier this summer.

  • Jason Coyote

    I almost hate to speculate on this, but I almost wonder if her reason for leaving was as simple as one of her Ch. 7 co-workers making some off-color remark about her personal life. She might have just said, ‘I don’t need to put up with this bullbleep’ and decided to explore other markets for work.

  • howzie

    Leaving voluntarily in this economy makes me scratch my head. Every station around here, and most network-owned local stations are cutting staff, due to the drop in auto dealer advertising.

  • Bob

    nobody likes a quitter

  • davey

    TV 7 should just cut to the chase and start recruiting from the porn industry.

    Believe me, JD will whack them with a sexual harrasment suit with a month.

  • KF

    I’m sure when she did reporting from games, she must have been heckled quite a bit. I’m betting that was part of the problem.

    She’s made some mistakes, but who here is perfect? I wish her luck and hope she can find peace and put this situation behind ehr.

  • Chris

    Julie might have been angered that Ch. 7 ‘sent her into the Lion’s den’ with the Gillette Stadium assignment. She agreed to go, with no intention of filing her piece (‘THAT’ll show them!’).

  • MarkB

    She’s made some mistakes? What the heck does that mean? There are some serious issues going on with that girl. The news stories told just enough to know that she’s a few cookies short of a full jar. A woman who looks like that and has that job doesn’t need to stay with a creep who beats her. There was some sort of co-dependency going on that doesn’t make her look good.