Belichick on NBC Super Bowl Pregame

Michael Holley on WEEI today has stated that Patriots coach Bill Belichick will be a part of NBC’s Super Bowl coverage, doing a segment breaking down the Pittsburgh and Arizona defenses with Cris Collinsworth during the pregame show.

It hasn’t officially been anounced by NBC yet, but Belichick has done this sort of thing before, appearing as part of the coverage of the Steelers/Seahawks Super Bowl a couple of years back.

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— Bob Lobel, chat 10/9/2003
  • Chris

    Again, somewhere, Mike Lynch is seething: “I SHOULD BE DOING THIS! NO ONE GETS TO GO OVER X’S AND O’S WITH BILL BUT ME!!! And if he uses that damned telestrator, I’ll kill him when we start doing Patriots All-Access again. Oh wait…never mind.”

  • Michael Gee

    Belichick’s commentary before Super Bowl LX was excellent. Insight, wry humor, and called the winner (or got about as close to picking as you might expect, but definitely gave Steelers the edge).
    Reacted with light-hearted but genuine horror when Mike Tirico suggested he might have a future in TV. Very winning appearance all around.

  • Jeff

    Will the segment be live or on video?

  • Classless

    This is pretty cool. I look forward to it.