Three Lunchtime Quick Links

Three columns to check out over lunch:

Curt Schilling goes after Dan Shaughnessy. Again. With great effectiveness.

Gary Andrew Poole with the Columbia Journalism Review has a very interesting piece on how sports writing can recapture its relevance.

Eric Dorval makes the case for Jim Rice’s Hall of Fame candidacy on

And a NESN note:

This Friday is the 30th anniversary of the Bobby Orr Retirement Ceremony when the Bruins raised # 4 to the rafters of the Boston Garden in a pre-game ceremony before an exhibition game against a team from the Soviet Union. The ceremony originally aired on TV 38 on 1/9/1979 and NESN will, for the first time, re-air this half-hour ceremony in its entirety on Saturday, January 10th at 9:00 PM.

Random Quote

Personally, I think it’s Pedro’s new Shaughnessy hairstyle that might be messing him up, but whatever is going on, Martinez needs to get back on track or he can forget about George Steinbrenner dangling many millions for many years on a guy with John Burkett stuff.

— Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe, Sept 9th, 2004.
  • Jon

    Can we stop Schilling from babbling about Kobe, politics and Manny and get him to focus on CHB? That would be a definite improvement.

  • Marc

    Is there any way both CHB and Curt can lose this battle of pompous jackasses?

  • Beaker

    Oh, that they would fight with guns.

  • Tony

    Oh My God.

    That Schilling piece on Shaughnessy is spot on…..especially the dichotomy about how he treated Pedro and Clemens after each left the ballpark early.

    Here’s a hint as to why: the GM at the time of Clemens’ departure was the media’s favorite whipping boy, with the initials DD; by the time Pedro was cutting out early in Baltimore, the 17-percent’ers at the Globe had their own boy Theo in the GM chair.

    Thus, with Pedro, he was the bad guy and the Sox were innocent victims. With Clemens, the evil DD was the bad guy, so Clemens was perfectly within his rights to duck out early–and then to to Toronto, where he found the chemical fountain of youth that enabled him to reverse what was clearly a career in steep decline when he left Boston in 1996, a fact that very few of his media defenders, like the CHB, have ever acknowledged. (The numbers don’t lie on this one, and I’ll cite them if I have to.)

  • fishercat


    What a great week. D and C back ON THE AIR! BIG O gets what he desurves and now SCHILLING BEATS SHAWNESSEY AT HIS ON GAME!!


  • Lance

    Gotta give Schill props for using CHB’s real initials. And yep, CHB clearly has a problem with non-white players. Funny how the Globe still thinks people subscribe because of him. CHB has the cojones of a defense attorney with a balloon mortgage payment coming due.

  • Guntfather of Sports Radio

    Article by Curran saying the franchise player decision hasn’t been made:

  • Guntfather of Sports Radio

    Cambridge Man arrested for making threatening calls to WEEI

  • DUKE

    WOW 30 years! Looking back on time…..this is what makes you feel oh so old. When i get down about life….i pop in bobby orr’s greatest hits set to carly simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” from YouTube. Its great! That ceremony to this day I can remember made me cry. It was to early. He was too young. We were robbed of more “Rembrandt” type of talent on the ice. We were the much poorer because of it!

  • Dan

    Yeah, nothing like being upset at a media member who called him out for making $8M this past season for doing nothing on the Red Sox. Right- great effectiveness. I really like this quote from Schilling “You flip-flop more than an epileptic toad.”

    Schilling is the worst thing to happen to WEEI and I hope he just goes away.

    Stay classy Curt and Bruce….

    • Bruce

      I enjoy it just as much when Shaughnessy goes after Schilling. Those two deserve each other.

      • Dan

        Good point Bruce. Certainly makes for some good entertainment!