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“He’s uncooperative and downright rude unless he’s talking about the history of the NFL and football”

  • Peter

    Definite upgrade. Seems a bit too busy, and the fact that they have pregame news from Saturday’s Bruins game in the “This Just in” section seems kind of odd. But overall, definitely looks better than the old site, which was a sight for sore eyes.

  • Bomber

    Why can’t they leave well enough alone.The new design is awful
    its hard to navigate takes to long to load

    • Lance

      Solely because it’s WEEI.

  • Soxer

    Very clean – really like it. I disagree with Bomber — I find it easy to navigate. The audio clips easier to find through item on bottom left, articles pretty easy to find in middle bottom. The Flash unit is SO much better than last one. And pull downs make much more sense. And the ads aren’t overwhelming — try some other radio sites for comparison.

  • yaz67

    I agree with bomber it takes close to five minutes to download

    Can someone explain what Dupral means? I’m in I.T Services. I

    have no clue maybe I have to do some research.

    • Tim

      site should be performing at normal speeds now

    • Tim

      Drupal is a content management system (open source), it was displaying accidently on day one of new site…

  • Jimmy

    yaz67, you might want to reconsider working for a company that forces their “I.T. Services” people to use a dialup connection. I’m on a halfassed broadband connection and it loads to the last byte in less than 9 seconds for me, and most of the content in less than 3 seconds.