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Would it be so bad to be a little more forgiving of the Sox and a little more critical of the Patriots?

— Christopher Gasper, Boston.com 8/18/2010
  • Dennis

    i wish LJ would vanish without a trace

  • Beantown

    I have to agree with Sean on the previous cartoon. It really seems to me that the whole point of what he is doing is to take a still photo and add a “humerous” take on it. Rondo isn’t carrying a basketball like in the photo, he’s carrying the entire game. The point is to make it just like the photo. There’s no false pretense. Now, if he only stuck to tracing and was no longer a co-host, I’d be happy.


    The old “let me slant my tracing paper” trick. LJ is one cagey artist (my sincere apology to all real artists).

  • TC

    I do like how LJ put the green stripes on Rondo’s headband to match the actual one he was wearing last night. At least Larry seems to have watched the game.

    • Chuck S

      Rondo doesn’t wear wristbands, though. At least he wasn’t last night. With that subtle addition, Larry really made this his own. Bravo!

  • CharltonHestonasMoses

    Larry, What happened to “Thou shalt not steal?”

    • snuffy smith

      Maybe the Ten Commandments don’t apply in Rev. Larry’s faith. Could he be one of those mail order ministers? You send $25 to someplace in Texas and become “ordained”. Had a friend who did it years ago.

  • Ha!

    Well, they do call him “The Recycler” on the Big Show!