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Today’s cartoon:

Last night was a home game, But LJ didn’t bother to replace “Boston” with “Red Sox” on the jersey.

Random Quote

Bill Belichick is pond scum again. Arrogant, megalomaniacal, duplicitous pond scum.

— Kevin Mannix, Boston Herald 9/07/03
  • Joeybags

    Being a little critical aren’t we Bruce? :)

    • Bruce

      Nah. Just giving the readers valuable insight into how an artist like LJ draws his inspiration.

  • Jason Coyote

    Yeah, but at least he added the ’46’ in there so we could tell who it was. Amazing that even with a totally traced picture it really looks nothing like Ellsbury.

    Bottom line, LJ is to cartooning (and on-air co-hosts) what Al Davis is to the NFL Draft, an irrelevant buffoon that you almost feel sorry for.

  • Dan

    This should be a daily feature on the front page. How LJ gets away with this is ridiculous.

  • Funkhouser

    Looks nothing like Ellsbury. But it’s a great likeness of RObin Williams circa Mork & Mindy. The guy needs to go back to freehanding the fat oaf in the wife beater.

  • HamLah


    Keep it going!!

    LOL @ Funkhouser’s line of him looking like Robin Williams..hilarious!