Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-05-27

  • Cold Hard Football Facts looks at Tom Brady’s lost season – and plays a lot of “What ifs” – #
  • BSMW Network Post: Book Review – It Was Never About The Babe #
  • Jon Couture’s Red Sox Reloaded for Game 46, a 5-2 Minnesota Twins victory – #
  • RT Newest Patriot linebacker Lenon ‘a real pro’ via @capeleaguer #
  • RT via @benmaller Returning to sports radio next week. Filling in on WEEI for Mike Adams on “Planet Mikey.” 6-11pm Mon, Tue and Thu! #
  • RT via @realpatriots Check for OTA updates, including photos from today’s practice. #
  • BSMW Network Post: Lester Falters Again in Loss to Twins #
  • BSMW Network Post: Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-05-26 #

Random Quote

So the next time you hear some broadcaster or sportswriter muttering that Bill Belichick never tells them anything, take that as a sign. If Belichick didn’t feel like wasting his time with them, you probably shouldn’t either.

— Drew Magary, NBC, 09/14/11