NESN Adds Jamn 94.5 Morning DJ to Sox Post-Game Show

I guess I’m still trying to figure out whether this is a joke, or not…


Torres recently signs on with NESN as on air contributor of the feedback segment and reading listener comments and emails during post game show.

Boston, Massachusetts – June 11, 2009 – Ramiro Torres will join Jim Rice and Tom Caron delivering post game coverage on Granite City Electric Red Sox Final Post Game Show. The show delivers more feedback from the Red Sox locker room and a look ahead at the next day’s match-ups.

“I can’t wait to get started. I have been a red sox fan my whole life and to be a part of this show is a dream come true”, says Torres on joining Granite City Electric Red Sox Final Post Game Show. Ramiro Torres will be making his first appearance on the show Thursday, June 11th, after the Red Sox/Yankees game at 7:10 PM.

Currently, Torres is the host of the Ramiro and Pebbles Morning Show at the #1 hip hop station in Boston, Jamn 94.5 at Clear Channel Communications. Torres is also host of the Weekend Top 30 Countdown, a nationally syndicated weekend countdown show.

Alongside radio, Ramiro has made numerous Television appearances and is currently a co-host on Community Auditions; a New England based Television Talent Show which has garnered more Emmy nominations than any other program in New England history.

Hey, he can’t be worse than “The Voice of the Fan” Jack Welch, can he?

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  • CISW

    Well, since the team is whiter than a gallon of Benjamin Moore ceiling paint, perhaps this is NESN’attempt at diversification? Maybe Matt Seigel or Lobel wasn’t available. The pre and post games shows and NESN programming is strictly Red Sox Nation, ‘EEI and Pink Hat fandom caliber programming and propoganda anyway. Pathetic.

    • Paul

      What’s more racist:

      Having the best people for the job regardless of skin color?


      Forcing “diversity” by hiring people who might not be as good/qualified because of their skin color?

  • Guntfather of Sports Radio

    My man Freddy Toucher should’ve been the selection.

  • Big Jeff

    I’m sure he knows more about baseball than Watney or Tappen.

  • Ken Fang

    Tom Caron couldn’t read the e-mails and comments?

  • DaveR

    This is the show where Jim Rice gets to take off his tie and hang, right?

  • yuppiescum

    They have way too much pre/post shit now. I think it was great in 04 when you had an hour in each direction, I would actually watch a lot of it. Nowadays.. jeez.

    • Angry Old Bastard

      could not agree more…I think the post game show is longer than the games themseves. I swear, Red Sox game ends… 2 and a half hours later I’ll be channell surfing and there’s Caron and Rice still sitting there….what the hell? do people really watch that stuff?

      • Bruce, NV

        Most likely, AOB. Especially in PinkHat Nation.

  • Dan

    Ugh, Ramiro is horrible. He was great as the afternoon DJ, but as soon as they put him in the morning doing the Jam Scams, it sucked. I can’t believe he still has that gig.

  • Doc Michaels

    Caron + Rice = change the channel

    This guy adds zip. NESN’s pre and post game has become an absolute snooze.

  • Classless

    Hack radio guy on hack pre and post game show.