Friday’s Top Ten

It’s another busy Friday here on the sports scene in Boston, here are the highlights from today:

1) Being Tom Brady – Ron Borges with a feature on Tom Brady, his love of the game, and what motivates him to succeed.

2) Butch Stearns’ Goodbye – The FOX25 Sports Anchor signs off the station for the final time.

3) Stearns forced to pull up anchor – Chad Finn’s Friday media column focuses on Stearns, who says he is a  “casualty of the business model in local television.”

4) This is no time for the Sox to get cheap at shortstop – Ron Chimelis would like to see Alex Gonzalez come back, and put an end to the streak of free agent busts at the position.

5) Matchups to watch in Pats-Colts clash – Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss preview Patriots/Colts.

6) Crusaders’ greatest now starring on Web – Bill Doyle’s media column looks at Holy Cross’ redesigned web site, which features a 20 minute interview with HC and Celtics great Bob Cousy, and will interview more greats from the school in the weeks to come.

7) Banta-Cain proving to be more than able in his second stint in New England – Glen Farley looks at the return of the Patriots linebacker, who has been a pleasant surprise after a failed stint in San Francisco.

8 ) Number of storylines to ponder for the Red Sox – John Tomase looks at the major storylines to emerge from the GM Meetings held this week.

9) For Bruins, Desperation Must Become Contagious – Graig Woodburn looks at why the Bruins need to keep playing like a desperate team.

10) Pro-style QB leads Holy Cross revival – Two stories on Holy Cross in the top ten? Dan Shaughnessy plays it straight with a look at HC QB Dominic Randolph, who has a chance to take his game to the NFL.

Also, check out Chris Warner’s Worry Wart column on Patriots Daily, as well as Trading Places, Bonus Edition – A Conversation with ColtsChatter.

For the rest of the sports news today, you can always hit the link sites:

Random Quote

There were obvious ethical questions (consumer fraud, anyone?) about holding out ALL of his starters and regulars in the final exhibition.

— Kevin Mannix, Boston Herald, 09/05/04
  • Lance

    My thought on Stearns (which doesn’t mean much – even to me). When the media guys play the “let’s create a story, muckrake, stir the pot, etc.” then leave sadly like it’s their funeral, don’t be surprised if people like me don’t care. It’s possible to be honest, informative and entertaining. The rumor mongering always seemed a bit too desperate to me along with a lack of intelligence or work ethic to get real stories with the access they enjoy.

    To this day Stearns doesn’t appear to have learned anything from the Curt Schilling incident – and is in denial about how much he got owned by him.

    Smart, good guys like Mike Reiss and Albert Breer will always have jobs and I hope that never changes.

    Good bye pot stirrer.

    • Steve


      You don’t be so smug about the fact that a man lost his job, or was forced to leave. I would never wish ill will upon my worst enemy, but that’s just me. And for that, I’m a much better person than you’ll ever be.

      • Brian

        No opinion on Butch either way. I just wanted to point out the irony of calling someone smug right before telling them you’re a much better person than they are.

    • Ed Sarkavakian

      Wasn’t his statement about Pedro and Schilling not getting along pretty much proven correct?

      • Rick Mc

        Yes. Recent statements from The Big Schill make it clear thsat he didn’t like Pedro.

  • Mitch

    Best wishes to Butch Stearns. I’m sure he’ll do well wherever he goes.

  • Guntfather of Sports Radio

    There’s a seat warm on the Sports Huddle. You get paid in Soy Sauce packets from the kowloon but it’s something.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    ….oh please, “Steve”…..anytime one of these bottom-feeding media slugs like Stearns loses their job it’s a GOOD thing….that’s the ONLY WAY they are going to learn their lesson…….either act like a human being (SEE: Mike Reiss) or get the hell out of town…..when Shaugnessy and Callahan lose their jobs then we’ll really know we are making progress.