New ESPN Series: The Next Round – Launches in Boston

ESPN has announced a new web series on called The Next Round – Served Up By Jim Beam, hosted by Scoop Jackson, that is launching in Boston this weekend.  In this original online show, Scoop will share a round of Jim Beam with a range of guests – actors, athletes, media personalities and comedians – as they talk about news, sports and pop culture. 

The first show will tape on-location at Cask’N Flagon in Boston surrounding the Red Sox/Yankees season opener.  Footage for the segment will air during the first commercial break of the 11 p.m. ET SportsCenter on April 3, and the series will premiere on on April 4. New content will air every two weeks on, and portions of the show will air during the 11 p.m. SportsCenter on ESPN.

Guests for Boston vs NY baseball discussion:

  • Rob Corddry  Comedian and former correspondent on The Daily Show With John Stewart.   He is co-starring in the new comedy Hot Tub Time Machine and is a huge Red Sox fan.
  • Nick Turturro Emmy-nominated star of NYPD Blue and numerous films.  He is a diehard Yankees fan and was featured in an episode of MLB Network’s series, “I Breathe Baseball”.

Segments will be recorded at six remote locations that will include cities hosting major sporting events throughout the year and in LA at a custom-built ESPN/Jim Beam studio.

Random Quote

Could that Brady/Patriots window, just like the Celtics, be closed for good?

The colossal second-coming of Joe Montana, once a perfect 10-0 and then 14-2 in the postseason, needed a Tim Tebow tumble to reality and a choke for the ages by Baltimore’s Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff — just to pick up a couple playoff wins.

— Hector Longo, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 6/15/12
  • Michael Gee

    So much for the notion of a benign universe and All-Wise Higher Power! This has got to be the worst idea ESPN has ever had,”Playmakers” included.

    • Bruce

      All depends on how much Jim Beam the cast is allowed to consume, I guess.

    • Jon

      Maybe they’ll have Barry Bonds officiate?

      • Paul

        When you’ve known him as long as I have you call him James Beam.

  • cakes_are_cooking

    Based upon his performance in “I Breathe Baseball”, avoid Nick T at all costs. He has nothing to say about baseball that doesn’t revolve around him. Obnoxious in the extreme.

    • Bruce

      That’s so unlike a Yankees fan.