Poll – Best Celtics Writer

Last week, we asked where you went most for your Celtics information. Today, let’s see who you think the best writer covering the Celtics right now is:


Forget someone? Add them in the comments below.

Random Quote

I think the Celtics are real and they are a threat and I hate it…

— Michael Felger, 98.5 The Sports Hub, During 2012 NBA Playoffs
  • Steve

    I live in on the north shore and look forward to Patrick gilroys Wednesday celtics column in the “daily item”

  • Rick

    CelticsBlog folks should have been included. They'd get my vote.

  • Fred West Lynn

    The morning after the Celtics won to advance to the finals, the Boston Globe had a highly intelligent and enjoyably written column by HoF basketball writer Bob Ryan, an good dissection from national basketball writer Gary Washburn, and a good game story by Julian Benbow.

    However, the Globe knows what people crave, so all of those writers were relegated to the interior of the paper, and the marquee position — front page of the entire paper, right below the huge color photo was reserved for Sir Dan Shaughnessy. Complete with his little avatar drawing, just so the unwashed and illiterate among Globe readers would know that, yes! it was an event! Dan says so!

    So I call this poll out as being bogus. There is no Shaughnessy button, and to put him in the category of "write in" is to demean the Greatest, Bravest Sportswriter of our generation, and perhaps the most insightful writer ever.

    He is, as you have demonstrated by the very act of this poll, a prophet without honor. BSMW, and indeed the entire English-speaking world, shall miss him when he's gone.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Lance_ Lance_

      Please – if there is a god – let us start missing Shaughnessy the Great next week but next month would do…