BSMW Trivia – Name That NBA Player

With the news that Shaquille O’Neal has agreed to join the Celtics, he becomes a member of that relatively rare group of NBA players who will have suited up for both the Celtics and Lakers.

Between the two franchises, they have won 33 of 64 possible NBA Championships.

As far as I can tell, there is ONE player who has won a championship with both the Celtics and Lakers. Bill Sharman won championships with the Celtics and one as Lakers coach, but who is the only player to win a title with both franchises?

First person to correctly name the player in the comments section get a prize.

And if I’m wrong, and there is more than one player and you can name him/them, you’ll get a prize, too.

Edit: 20 minutes and we have a winner! Congrats!

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