NESN’s “After The Game” to Show Athletes at Home

NESN continues to look for ways to capture the casual sports fan’s attention with the new series “After The Game,” set to debut on Friday, September 3, 2010 at 5:30 pm.

Described as a new “lifestyle” program, “After The Game” will “showcase the personal homes, lives, and philanthropic efforts of New England’s beloved athletes.”

The show is produced by Linda Pizzuti Henry – wife of Red Sox owner John Henry – and Kelly Boullet of Nacho Mama Productions. The series will be part of  NESN’s new Made in New England programming lineup. 

Each show highlights the rise to becoming a world-class athlete, an inside look at their living space in a “Cribs”-style tour, followed by a look at the charities that he or she is passionate about. 

The first episode features Tim Wakefield walking viewers through his Florida home, explaining how he became the famous Red Sox knuckle-baller, and sharing why he takes time to support Space Coast Early Intervention Center and Pitching in for Kids– his primary philanthropic commitments. 

Future episodes will feature Patrice Bergeron, Matt Light, David Ortiz, Bode Miller, Tom Werner, Kristine Lilly, Doug Flutie and others.

To learn more about “After The Game” and the athletes, homes and charities featured on the show, you can visit, or follow @afterthegametv on Twitter.

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— Joe Sullivan, Boston Globe Sports Editor on Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Sports Review, January 2006
  • Bill

    Yes, especially in a down economy with rampant foreclosures, what fans surely want is to tour luxurious player homes. Thanks, NESN!

    Better this than another season of Sox Appeal, I suppose.

  • Jake

    Because actual interest in the games has declined, people will be interested in the extraneous stuff? Doesn't make much sense.

  • TheKiecker

    The economy blows bag.. Like I want to see Turnstyle Matt Light show me what he got?

    Sox/NESN just dont get it.

    • Paul

      True, I never understood why they have a guy who has a problem with speed rushers on Brady's blind side…

  • NorwoodZip

    The show is produced by Linda Pizzuti Henry – wife of Red Sox owner John Henry –

    As Howard Lawrence Carr would say, another nationwide search.

  • Big Fat O

    No Ernie Boch jr? He's going to see about that!

    • Paul

      Did you see Ernie last night on the Sox broadcast? He's mid-life crisising hard.

      • APimpNamedDaveR

        My comment to my fiancee: "He's slowly turning into Tom Scholz circa 1976."

        But I shouldn't complain, as the discussion of women's full-contact football really illuminated the Sox's chances in the AL East pennant race for me….

  • cakes_are_cooking

    Nice to see Tom Werner found something for John Henry's wife to do.

  • Funkhouser

    Clearly NESN peaked with Sox Appeal. Time to retool.

    • Paul

      So is NESN in a "bridge period" too?

  • HighWireNickEsasky

    Will there be an episode on Logan Mankins' farm?

  • Classless

    Finger on the pulse as usual, Nesn.

  • KarimGarcia

    Worked at NESN several years ago and one of the reporters pitched this show idea. It was laughed out of the room. This one was solely the work of Mrs. Henry. I guess when you're married to the boss, you get told this is a good idea.

  • cakes_are_cooking

    I hadn't noticed before – a future installment will "feature" Tom Werner? Imagine.

    • Chuck Schick

      That's quite a "get" for NESN! Setting my DVR right now.

  • Siggy

    Saw the happy couple walking down Newbury Street one day this spring. I though it was Don Imus and his wife Deirdre. Next will be the spread in Architectural Digest on the $25 million rehab estate in Brookline. I guess everything in life is a trade-off.

  • APimpNamedDaveR

    Should I go ahead and assume that Boston Magazine will run a 10-page glowing review of "After the Game", complete with quotes from John's letters to Tim Wakefield's Florida house?

    "When I saw you sitting there on 7.8 acres of above-the-floodplain real estate, I knew in my heart that there was perfection in life, and you brought it to me. I barely know you. I don't have any illusions of acquiring a quitclaim deed to you and any structures appurtenant to you. But the world is brighter, better, lighter and warmer when a man imbues a piece of real estate he knows — even tabula rasa — with the attributes I believe lie in, on, or around you…."

  • babo

    Linda Pizzuti, Babson Class of 2000