Sox/Angels Tickets Plentiful, Prices Continue Low

Despite a small, last minute jump in the price, tickets for this series between the Red Sox and Angels continue to be available at great prices. This morning’s Globe article examined the drop in prices and how it is impacting both individual scalpers and companies like Ace Tickets.

With Dustin Pedroia returning to the lineup tonight, the price has jumped a bit, but look at what tickets are selling for over the next two nights:

In the past, this would be a game in huge demand. With the Sox scuffling a bit and on the edge of the playoff race, it’s well down from those levels. In fact, in checking the BSMW TiqIQ Deal Zone, bleacher seats are selling for as little as $16. That’s 68% below face value.

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  • Ryan

    Seems like only a matter of time and perhaps season tickets will become available.

    • James McSorley

      i wonder if they'll give seats away this year (end) just to keep the sellout streak alive..

  • APimpNamedDaveR

    WEEI is complaining because you aren't including Providence ticket sales in these numbers….

    • rich

      Thats funny