NESN Launches “NESN National” in North and South Carolina

NESN announced today that Time Warner Cable customers in North and South Carolina will be the first cable customers in the country to have access to NESN National – the national television service of NESN.

Subscribers to TWC’s SportsPass will have access to NESN National, and be able to view Red Sox and Bruins pre and post-game programming, as well as NESN Daily and other programming on the network.

Live game telecasts of the Red Sox and Bruins, Red Sox replays or classic games, and certain other programs will not be available on NESN National due to league restrictions.  When these programs are airing on NESN in New England, Time Warner Cable customers in the Carolinas will see other programming.

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Yikes. Way above my intellectual capacity.

— Nick Cafardo, Red Sox Mailbag 2/19/13
  • Raymond MacDonald

    Is it on a basic cable or is it on a sports plus package> I have full NESN and I very rarely think their programing beyond B's and Sox coverage is worth it. I guess the thought is original programming which they like to do but its not really must see TV. Rather watch CSNNE or ESPN.

    • Bruce Allen

      As noted above, it is subscribers to the SportsPass package on Time Warner that will get NESN National.

      You're right that the programming isn't great, but some viewers will likely want to see the pre and post game programming, especially if they've signed up for MLB Extra Innings and are getting the games.

  • BryanPerson

    If NESN National ever comes to Time Warner in Austin, TX, I'll be a happier man! Could watch live games from on laptop/iPad, and check out NESN National for the postgame show.

  • HighWireNickEsasky

    What about zany and fun "lifestyle programming" like Sox Appeal and After the Game?

  • Tom

    Clearly a new revenue stream. Look for FL next.

  • JayCee

    Can a show built around the cabbie from the Olympia Sports commercials be far off? Co-starring Dennis Eckersley as the wacky neighbor and Jim Rice as Mr. Grumpy, the dispatcher.

  • Mark

    NESN Daily with an expanded audience… At least we can share our pain!

  • ObjectiveBruce

    Wanna bet that it's the start of cobbling together a nationwide network to prove they can do it, so they will be in a position to bid for baseball division series (like TBS) or for some national hockey playoff games? I betcha that's the long-range plan.