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Comcast SportsNet New England also announced today that they have hired a pair of new anchors for the network’s SportNet Central all-sports newsroom.

One name is a familiar one, while the other is a newcomer to the Boston sports scene.

Veteran TV anchor and reporter Bob Neumeier will join CSNNE on January 3rd. Neumeier, is of course well known to Boston sports fans as a long-time sports reporter and anchor for WBZ-TV, a radio host at WEEI, and as a national sports reporter for NBC sports.

“Local sports television has changed dramatically since I began my career, and as a regional sports network, Comcast SportsNet offers more coverage than any one in the market. With an extended Patriots post-season run in the offing and a potential historic Celtics season well underway, I could not have picked a better time to join the enthusiastic group at Comcast SportsNet,” said Neumeier.

The second hire is adding Nicole Zaloumis, also as a SportsNet Central anchor.

Zaloumis comes to CSNNE from the Big Ten Network, and prior to that, Fox Sports Northwest, where she anchored coverage of the Mariners and Seahawks. She’s also worked for Comcast SportsNet California. The San Francisco native will start at CSNNE on January 10th.

She was very popular in the Northwest, where they’ve been wondering what happened to her.

These hirings bolster the newsroom at CSNNE, and give local viewers a familar face in Neumeier. SportsNet Central is the best nightly sports news program on local television, far outclassing NESN Daily. With the Boston sports scene as busy and popular as ever, Comcast SportsNet continues to set the pace in sports television for New England.

It appears that Zaloumis may be the replacement for Jackie Pepper, who did not have her contract renewed recently.

The network also announced that they have renewed the contracts of Michael Felger, Gary Tanguay for Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight, and also that of Celtics analyst Donny Marshall.

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Could that Brady/Patriots window, just like the Celtics, be closed for good?

The colossal second-coming of Joe Montana, once a perfect 10-0 and then 14-2 in the postseason, needed a Tim Tebow tumble to reality and a choke for the ages by Baltimore’s Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff — just to pick up a couple playoff wins.

— Hector Longo, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 6/15/12
  • anchorhater

    Great move. Never a Jackie Pepper fan. Now NESN, move Jade and Uri.

  • mandb97

    Bruce will Neumeier be replacing anyone or are they just expanding their roster?

  • jake

    I thought Uri was gone. That woman looks pretty good in that photo.

  • Forbin
  • JSR

    I thought Jackie Pepper was the best female reporter they had. Carolyn Manno and Jess Moran are pretty good, but both have really annoying voices. I thought Pepper was more polished, and also came off as a true sports fan, unlike the other two. I haven't watched much Sportsnet Central since they let her go.

  • Don

    Jade is doing pretty well over at NESN (and "pretty" well too). Uri seemed a little over his head. I like Jade better than the rotating hosts at central. The new two will be an upgrade, in my opinion.

  • Jack

    Neumeier???? What are they thinking? I guess they haven't listened to any of his recent appearances on WEEI. He is barely coherent. He makes Butch Stearns sound good.

  • NutCracker

    Zaloumis is actually pretty good. I was out in Seattle quite a bit on a project and got to see her often when she did the Mariners games. I think she's married to some baseball player.
    At the same time I thought Jackie Pepper was pretty good. I liked her. Wonder why they let her go and kept Jessica Moran, Carol Manno et al? (not that they're bad) – I wish they'd let that Kyle Draper go – something about that guy that just irks me besides that he's a Laker fan). Neumeier? I can't believe he got another TV gig.

  • Joey Lavoll

    Now only if CSNNE could get somebody to cover The Bruins. Haggerty is such a homer. He is really just going through the motions and his lack of knowledge of hockey. Would love to see Kevin Paul Dupont at CSNNE

  • Jim

    Nicole Zaloumis appears to be a nice addition. Jackie Pepper wasn't a favorite of mine but Carolyn Manno seems to get better and better. I do find Jessica Moran annoying. She seems very loud!