2011 Approval Ratings – Michael Felger

As polarizing a figure as there is in the Boston sports media right now, you either love Felger or hate him. (This should make it easier for those clamoring for a apathy option in the poll.)

Felger is the afternoon co-host of the Felger and Massarotti show on 98.5 The SportsHub. He is also host of CSNNE’s Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight and Sports Sunday.

Felger broke into the local sports scene with the Boston Herald in 1989. During the 90’s the worked his way up to the Revolution and Bruins beats, before becoming the Patriots beat writer. Around that time, he started to become a presence on local radio and television shows, his battles with Nick Cafardo and Ron Boges on WBZ’s Sports Final during the early part of the decade are legendary.

As the decade went on, Felger phased out his writing, dropping to a smaller and smaller role at the Herald while increasing his on-air gigs. He became a night host on CSNNE, and hosted his radio own show on the old ESPN 890, and then hopped over to WEEI.com for a short time before becoming the biggest name hire at 98.5 when it launched in the summer of 2009.

Felger’s Mohegan Sun bio reads:

As a self described impartial observer of the Boston sports scene, Mike Felger revels in his ability to play devil’s advocate and singe local sports fans for their unabashed homerism. Felger has been bringing that attitude to Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight and Sports Sunday. He pens weekly Patriots summaries, Patriots’ Report Cards and a weekly mailbag.

Interestingly, when we did this series the last time, the first reader comment on Felger’s post read “Secretly works for Patriots PR dept.”

My, how things have changed.

Felger is originally from Milwaukee and a graduate of Boston University. He is married to FOX25 reporter/anchor Sara Underwood.


Random Quote

This is the ultimate dilemma. Of course fans want the Red Sox to win the World Series, but the dilemma is be careful what you wish for because you might get it. And if the Red Sox played the Cubs in the World Series, one of those two franchises will be permanently and forever altered. One of them will never be the same. So remember, while winning is the ultimate goal. If you’re a Sox fan or a Cubs fan, it carries a steep price tag. Life will never be the same.

— Bob Lobel, Boston.com chat 10/9/2003
  • L3s

    Approve 100% Yes he's a contrarian to a fault, but if you listen through the bluster and cliches, the guy is spot-on more than he's not. Refreshing alternative to the Big-Blo Show. Glad we have him.

    • TjM

      Yeah refreshing. Like Summers Eve

  • Jack

    I guess Felger could be described as impartial. He hates everything to do with Boston equally. He is the main reason that I refuse to listen to 98.5. I cannot support any station that employs him.

  • Lance

    An absolute shitstain who attracts the same. The epitome of “look at me” journalist which he tries to do by coming out with original (shitstained) ideas. Stopped listening to him when his thin-skin persuaded him to give out people’s emails when the sent him something they disagreed with. And I found him boring and boorish. Occasionally, I’ll hear him on the radio and he’s clearly suffering from some sort of premature dementia. He’ll be forgotten five minutes after he eventually goes away.

    • Jake

      Reminds me of last night in the car. Mikey and his flunkies were talking Red Sox and the only one with more than two grey cells to rub together said "JD Drew will go on a streak at some time." Mikey pipes up with "Maybe a streak in his shorts." In what world is this radio people want to listen to?

      Sorry. Very bored today.

  • kate

    His radio persona so irritates me that I just can't cope anymore. Alas, because I love the /idea/ of a WEEI competitor… (I don't watch his show, so that could be less irritating, I suppose.)

  • Kevin

    A BS artist who goes negative on on everything just because he relishes the fact that people will call up and call him a d-bag. Who seemingly bases his every opinion on what will push the needle to get people to call in, so he can mock them about being feety wearing pajama apologists. Who unrelentingly questioned Tom Brady's committment to winning because he got married and had a kid, a month or two before Brady went out and won the MVP of the league unanimously. And who is unbelievably has an 8 to 4 approfal rating as I'm typing this.

    An jerk's jerk.

  • CCF

    Douché di tutti douchebags … fact, not opinion. Contrarian to the point of sounding forced. Could have raised the bar of sports talk radio but instead chose to lower it, if not put it right on the ground. To paraphrase a line once read on the board, 'only Vishnu could give this guy more thumbs down'.

    • CurtWells

      Lower it? Have you checked their ratings against the Big Show? 'EEI panicked because of Felger and Mazz and moved Holley and changed the Big Show format.

  • Guest

    I someone who simply likes stirring the pot. Is good at what he does, but goes off the deep end and becomes unlistenable every once in a while. It'd be nice if he actually listened to his cohost or thought twice before he spoke. Has interesting ideas, but often succumbs to agenda driven blabbery.

    I approve just because he pushes the envelope, even if it's incoherent at times. At least he has an opinion and doesn't just repeat ownership talking points.

  • Freddy

    I'm sure that this has caused a frenzy among the WEEI haters who post on the SOSH media board. There's this one fan of Felger named Phenom who has probably already voted 50 times. I think he may actually be Felger.

    I've never seen such hatred of a radio station. If you don't like it, don't listen. I don't like Felger, so I don't listen. I also don't like Muttnansky or Mustard & Johnson, and I don't listen to them either.

    • Guest

      I would not be surprised if the know-it-alls over at SoSH hatched a plan to stuff the ballot box in favor of all of the 98.5 personalities. They don't just hate WEEI, they despise it with a passion, and the 98.5 love over so over the top that it's vomit inducing. According to your typical SoSH'er, if you listen to WEEI you're a brain-dead, right wing fascist.

      If you think the voting is rigged now, just wait until Toucher & Rich are up. SoSH are even bigger suck ups to those two clowns.

  • NorwoodZip

    Claims to love to talk with people who disagree with him.

    Yet, every time a caller makes a valid point to counter his argument, the caller is either "accidentally" hung up on – or gets the old, "good point, sorry I'm up against a break."

    Stole Ordway's act of pounding something into the ground over and over – also stole a page from the Andelman playbook by surrounding himself with flunkies like Bertand and yes men like Tony Mazz.

    Allegedly only deals in the facts, yet it's hard to get him to talk about why he left the Bruins beat…..

    • CurtWells

      He was kicked off the Bruins beat. Harry Sinden couldn't stand him (surprise). Felger doesn't hide this fact.

    • Jake

      He has told the story before about why he left the Bruins beat. He said something potentially libelous about the owner and Jacobs demanded Felger lose the beat or he would sue the Herald.

  • Jake

    Somebody is screwing with the poll.

    Also, the faceoff faceoff has taken down the forum.

    • tl;dr

      Yeah, I can't vote in the poll.

    • Georgie

      I agree, someone is stuffing the ballot box. Almost all of the comments are anti-Felger, yet he's ahead by about 3-1 in the poll. As someone above posted, that other message board does seem to worship him. I bet it's someone from there.

      • http://www.bostonsportsmedia.com Bruce Allen

        I think people are more inclined to comment if they disapprove than if they approve someone. Felger being so polarizing, the people who don't like him are going to be very vocal, and the people who like him perhaps don't want to get caught up trying to defend the guy.

        • Angry Old Bastard

          it just blows my mind that there are people who "like" Felger….tolerate? ok, like him AND hate him?…I can accept that I guess, but just out and out like him and enjoy his style?…..WOW, yeah, that's a head scratcher

  • latetodinner

    When looking at Felger, Lance's comment above "the epitome of look at me radio" is spot on. Clearly Felger has talent. I have always found him to be a solid writer. When he was on a beat he was generally well informed (he covered the Pats for the Herald when the Globe was completely hate agenda driven and he did a pretty good job). On TV he never is the weakest link on a panel, usually having done his homework to at least sound knowledgable. On radio his show moves with a good pace, he seems to discuss relevant and interesting topics..

    His real problem is the way he has decided to market his brand. He made a conscious decision to be a contrarian, DB and a host of other things that grate on people. He is Jim Donaldson 20 years later with a bigger stage. As such I disapprove because the contrarian act is a one trick pony. It is not informative as much as it is condescending. At some point the audience does not want to be laughed at by the host, instead they want to be engaged by them. I think this is Felger's biggest flaw. His thin skin (remember him questioning on air a point Bruce Allen made as a posting on BSMW….come on Felger you are really threatened by a non associated blog?), comes across as insecurity. Maybe he realizes that because he was not born and raised in NE he really has no credibility and does not truly understand Boston Sports history. Who knows. I think the worst thing I can say about Felger…he is NOT a MENSCH.

    • Winning

      Sign of the Apocalypse: I agree with everything you said, lol. Personally, I feel Felger could be the most polarizing Media member the Boston Sports media scene has to offer. I just wish he would change his act with the constant contrarian views. He feels that by saying "Fact, not opinion" instantly means its fact just because he prefaces his comments. Most of the time, its his opinion loosely based on facts. There's only so much Felger i can take before I tune out his schtick. I approvingly disapprove of Michael Felger

  • Jon

    I hate having to disapprove Felgie because I like him better than Ordway, but God help me – the endless whining about KG drove me well over the edge.

    • Jake

      I hate having to disapprove Felger because I was one of his four loyal listeners on 890. He started to become a heel over there ("The cap is crap"), but he had an entertaining show and was willing to listen to other people instead of making pronouncements he refuses to back down from.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.duke Jon Duke

    Phony, sensationalistic, and a moron to boot.

    How CSNNE hires this jack hole to do any Celtics postgame stuff and hates the team and sport I'll never understand.

  • Siggy

    I like Felger because he is not afraid to take on sacred cows. Do you really want a Mike Francesa type who is so mobbed up with the heavy sports hitters like Parcells and Torre in NY and beyond that you can never trust that his opinion is not colored by some personal relationship? It's refreshing to hear a local host take a shot here and there at a KG or a Brady. We have enough cheerleaders.

    The best talk host in Boston history was Jerry Williams. Jerry always said " never get close to them." Becoming pals with them hinders your ability to deliver the goods to your listeners. Is Felger bombastic and abrasive with a high opinion of himself? Yes, and so was Jerry Williams, who "never had a dinner" as he put it. If he is lucky Felger will never have a dinner either.

    • kate

      Of all people, Eddie Andelman has talked a lot about objectivity in talk radio, as well. I think it's a significant issue, but given the nature of the media lately, not one that's going to be paid attention to.

      (I say it like that because that wasn't my perception of him when he was on WEEI, but I am aware he has a much more interesting brain than what he chose to show on WEEI, much of the time.)

  • Angry Old Bastard

    DISAPPROVE…..a yelling,screaming blowhard. The ultimate contrarian. If I could disappove 1,000 times over, I would. Also very agenda driven, was bad mouthing Randy Moss even in 2007 when Moss was being the "good soldier" and having a killer year. His "opinions" are totally worthless. The guy is nothing more than an actor and a snakeoil salesman, laughing all the way to the bank as Boston sports fans continue to buy into his act. (face it, he wouldn't be around if people weren't watching/listening)

    • CurtWells

      AOB, I guess you could say he was right about Moss. How'd that relationship turn out with the Pats, Vikings, and Titans ?

  • Rick

    Call me crazy… fact, not opinion… you've heard it here first…
    He's a funny dude who doesn't usually know when to change the subject (Moss, KG, etc).
    A Boston Contrarian, yes, but he's out of town, and his hometown teams aren't doing particularly well.
    I cannot listen to him all the time, but he will question things other local reporters would not have the will to do. (love Max Felger interaction)
    I approve it, with moderation.

    • mandb97

      That Packers team wasn't too bad this year.

  • Jake

    The problem with Felger is the same thing that is the problem with most radio hosts and columnists: They are so far removed from covering sports (if they ever covered them. Hi Mutt and DA!) that they have cannot offer anything of value that a fan cannot get.

    Read the comment above, Felger was good when he covered the Pats. Yeah, because he had a job to do that required him to be a journalist, not some guy that is paid just for his opinion and realizes that the more outrageous his opinion, the more airtime he gets.

    The whole system sucks. Gasper spends a couple of weekends covering the Pats and now he is a columnist for the Globe? There is a whole group of know-nothings and never knew anythings parading around as radio hosts and screamers on the NESN/CSN shows.

    • Jack

      You're right about this so-called youth movement that is supposed to be anti-WEEI. Muttnansky, DA, Minihane, Perrault(though it looks like he didn't last long) Gaspar, and others have no credentials The Muttnansky move is the most puzzling. He brings nothing. He's not knowledgable or funny. And his attempts to be one of the "cool kids" are just pathetic. Merloni has to be afraid that he's going to be identified with failure when this show goes down in flames. Felger has very limited sports knowledge, but he did cover the Pats and Bruins for a respectable period of time. He knows nothing about baseball or basketball. His outragous statements keep him on the hit parade.

      • winning

        Did Perrault get canned? I noticed jon Ryder has been on last two weekends.

        • Guest

          Perrault filling in for Ryder on EEI tonight. FML, I thought he got canned too.

      • Guest

        Completely agree with the Muttnansky comment. He brings absolutely nothing to the table and the show is unlistenable. How the hell did he get that job? Does his father work for Entercom or something? There had to have been better cheap alternatives out there if WEEI was simply trying to cut payroll. What about John Ryder? Or how about Buckley, McAdam or just about any other former Big Show regular? Hell, I'd prefer Butch Stearns to Muttnansky.

        Gotta feel bad for Lou, I'm sure he isn't too thrilled about the pairing either. He sounded 10x better when he was on the Big Show,

        • Jason Coyote

          Makes you wonder if Lou regrets not signing with 98.5 to be Felger’s afternoon drive partner when he had the chance.

          I’m late to respond to the polls, but the Felger comments here are pretty much dead on summing up his persona (latetodinner’s assessment was the best I’ve read). Like it or not, Bruce was right when he dubbed MF the biggest/most influential voice in Boston Sports Media.

          I must admit I generally listen to Felger & Mazz’s show, but when they begin grating on me I have to cut back on them.

          As mandb97 said earlier, it’s damning with faint praise to say F&M are much more interesting than the new Big Show mess, as both have the ability to annoy in short time.

  • Tony

    Felger's bio actually says that he loves getting on Boston fans for their homerism. That's as ludicrous as it gets. Ummm…we're fans, that means we're supposed to be homers. And fans in every other city in America (and elsewhere) are homers when it comes to their hometown teams. I used to like the guy when he brought a fair perspective to the Pats beat back in the early 2000s (as someone else here has said, the Globe's Pats coverage back then was all hate-agenda driven, with Borges hating BB, Carfado wishing he was still covering baseball, and Shank hating Kraft). But Felger has gone steadily downhill to the point of being unwatchable and unlistenable now. Too bad, really. He could have been a good one.

  • Nopointe


    oh, thats Massarotti's sidekick right?

  • mandb97

    As others have mentioned, I am having a difficult time believing that Felger is getting a 2 to 1 favorable rating. Right after Moss left, I wrote about how many issues Felger had wrong with regards to Moss. Felger said Moss would shoot himself out of town and he did and that was the only thing he got right. Felger had an agenda with regards to Moss which ruined any credibility he might have. His criticism of the Perkins trade was nothing short of loony. I did not agree with the trade because it came too late in the year and I did not believe that Shaquille O'Neal would be even close to healthy for the playoffs. Felger made it sound like a guaranteed title was given away and does not get how you can disagree with the trade but realize the Celtics were not guaranteed a title even with Perkins. Felger and levelheadedness simply do not go together.

    That being said I do listen to F&M more than Ordway because The Big Show has become simply unlistenable. F&M is a millimeter above the Big Show. How is that for damning with faint praise. I firmly believe that once WEEI can get rid of the albatross known as Ordway's contract you will see some competition with F&M because anyone can do a better job than Ordway.

    One more thing, Felger is no great shakes at CSSNE either. He comes across as pretty clueless.


    • mandb97

      One more positive thing with regards to Felger, at least treats the callers with some respect and does not talk over, interrupt them or ridicule them like Ordway.

      • Jake

        Listening over the past year, I have noticed that the attitude of hosts towards callers and guests has changed markedly.

        They're not afraid of the Sports Hub, they just have changed how they do everything during the 20 months the competition has been on the air.

  • mandb97

    Bruce, there is a bug with the voting system. I have been able to vote three times. All disapprove of course.

    • NorwoodZip

      Vote early and often for DB!

    • NutCracker

      You mean to tell me that more voters approve of Felgah than disapprove? Something seems not right if you just read the comments. Okay, there are 8 guys in my Thursday night polka card club. We'll turn on the TV if there's a game on. Four guys can't stand Felgah, 1 guy likes him because he worked with his wife, 1 other guy likes him (another BU grad from Wisc.) , and the other 2 could care less either way. Hmmmm.

  • Classless

    He's a manufactured contrarian, which is a fatal flaw in this media celebs. I'll always remember the week to week guarantees that the Patriots would lose a game in 2007. I guess he was proven right after saying it 18 times.

  • Joe

    I like Felger. He can beat a dead horse with the best of 'em but I think he generally comes across as knowledgeable and I think more often than not appears to genuinely believe what he is saying despite the perception that he is just stirring up the pot.

  • kate

    Oh, man. I miss Calling All Sports.

    (Huh, Bob Ryan has a national version now.)

  • Craig

    I'm a huge fan of Felger. I also want to punch him in the face at least once every show. He refuses to cater to the local teams and he takes unpopular stances that many times prove to be spot-on. I would listen to him for an hour on the radio but I would decline the chance to have a face-to-face conversation with him on a deserted island. When someone like Gasper or Haggerty challenges him, it's prime radio and well worth the listen. I can't handle too much of Tony saying "I love you Mike" 250 times per show, but I think Tony realizes that Felger is uber-successful so maybe he should start acting like him to follow his footsteps.

    • tl;dr

      "he takes unpopular stances that many times prove to be spot-on."

      Again, please list some of things he's gotten right. The Moss thing he got right by accident because he already hated the guy because he would regularly torch his Packers when he was with the Vikes.

    • Jason Coyote

      “I’m a huge fan of Felger. I also want to punch him in the face at least once every show.”

      Can’t agree with your first sentence, Craig. But I am totally on board with the second…fact, not opinion.


    We all have our guilty pleasure in life.

    Would I knock back a few beers with him at the Penalty Box? Hell, no.

    Do I "Approve?" Yes

  • Jake

    Why is Felger smiling?

    Tony is felllating him.

  • winning

    to steal a line from our oh so colorful 2-6 host, latetodinner "if you were in front of me right now, I would kiss you on the lips."

    -Michael Felger, everytime someones pats his back

  • Jim97

    Felger isn't a beat writer who's job is to just simply "report the news and stay out of the way." As a talk show host, he's an opinion-maker. Now, you can disagree with him, think his opinions are irrational and fabricated, etc. But the bottom line is, he gets people to talk about him. He's the only media personality in the market who's opinions are often points of discussion on other shows.

    The "Felger and Mazz" show is all about Felger…it's his show. He stirs people up and gets them to call in…which is the goal of every successful talk radio host.

    If you have a problem with the bombastic talk radio medium, then that's a whole different discussion. But Felger is just simply capitalizing on the environment. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

    • tl;dr

      "He's the only media personality in the market who's opinions are often points of discussion on other shows. "

      Kind of like how you tell your friends about the rantings and ravings of a homeless drunk you passed on the way to their house.

    • Big Jeff

      Why can’t we hate the game and the player? There’s something inherently wrong and sad about a person who chooses to make a living the way these guys like Felger do. He could take a job where he could just skate his lane and be a solid journalist. Or he could take a job where he contributes meaningfully to society in some way. Or he could go work at Fidelity or wherever and just be a guy. But no, he chooses to put on a jerk hat every day for the world to see. I think you can absolutely call someone out for choosing that career path. He’s a prime example of all that is wrong in “sports journalism” today. And its entirely his own fault.

      • Jason Coyote

        But given what these guys get compensated to act in this manner (generally more than some of the other occupations you described), there is a demand from listeners for this because the ratings keep going up.

        Maybe instead of hating the game and player, we ought to hate its fans.

        I also wonder how many of us would sell our soul (so to speak) to have Felger’s job and perform it in a style similar to his in order to stay on the job.

      • Jim97

        But again…Felger isn't a journalist. He doesn't break stories, doesn't anchor a newscast, etc. He's an entertainer who hosts radio and television shows. His only job is to get people to listen to him and watch him.

        There's nothing that separates Mike Felger from a morning-drive radio host on an FM station. The only difference is, Felger talks sports whereas "Matty in the Morning" talks about American Idol. He's not trying to be Walter Kronkite. He's trying to be a guy who people listen to for a little bit on the road home from work. And judging by his surge in ratings, he's doing a pretty good job of that.

  • GuntfatherEddie

    He is a total unapologetic, crap-stirring, d-bag. Yet he puts on a reasonably entertaining radio show.

  • Ron

    If I was not so anti WEEI, i probably would not tune him in. He tries to hard to be the character "Mike Felger"

  • Siggy

    Question for all the Felger detractors who are also sports radio listeners: where was your radio tuned today at 2:02 PM? Whose take did you want to get on last night's Bruins loss? When was the last time you said to yourself "I can't wait until the Big Show to hear what Ordway has to say about the game?"

    Feller had the guts or the sense to talk Bruins when hockey had never been a topic at any time since the beginning of sports talk radio in Boston. Bruins fans at least should love the guy for leading them out of the shadows. Today was just a total smack down day for 98.5. At about 5 o'clock I flipped over to EEI to see what was happening. I heard Mikey going on about the Red Sox and I realized that O had blown off the day because of the 1:00 game. Holley must have been surfing InsideRadio.com's job listings, because that sucker's going down.

    • tl;dr

      "where was your radio tuned today at 2:02 PM?"

      EEI. I was listening to the Sox game. It was great to get a respite from all the hockey talk (I'm not a hockey fan at all).

      "Whose take did you want to get on last night's Bruins loss?"

      I wanted to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth over on 98.5 just to laugh at F&M.

      "Bruins fans at least should love the guy for leading them out of the shadows."

      They'll slink back to them when the B's lose and it will be like this post-season never happened.

    • NutCracker

      Okay – so when was the last time you said to yourself "I can't wait until 2:00 to hear what Felgah has to say about the Celtics or Red Sox game?" Never – No way!

  • eia

    Is the forum down?

    • http://www.google.com/ Etty

      This makes everything so cmopleetly painless.

  • Doc Michaels


    I agree with the above poster who says when Ordway leaves the Big Show, it actually might have a chance to legitimately combat F&M's growing ratings, because Felger and Mazz I can't see having the goods to sustain their thin shtick for long.

    Latetodinner's comments about Chuck Wilson are also spot on. The dialogue in the Boston market has been reduced to a degree where we're no longer having sports talk — it's all pre-fab arguments and debates all day, every day, being steered by 'contrarians' and these younger "multi media" guys like Mutantsky, Gasper, Bradford, Minihane, etc. whoever who love the spotlight but have empty opinions with nothing to back them up.

    Felger had the chance to raise the bar — but instead opted to go the other way. That's his biggest failing, because IMO he is a smart enough guy as evidenced by the quality reporting and POV he brought when he first started writing for the Herald. Alas, that guy seems to have been replaced by a bonkers 'personality' that just wants to push buttons every day.

  • TjM

    Where is the forum?

    • Jake

      I think the domain rights expired yesterday.

    • tl;dr

      Where's the beef?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jon.duke Jon Duke

      great question. I was redirected to some generic page… not good.

    • CCF

      Looks like the domain name registration expired yesterday.

  • tl;dr

    "He's usually right on with stuff."

    Like what? The Moss thing?

  • tl;dr

    That picture is what you see when you look up "smug" and "douche" in the dictionary.

  • Dan

    I have to assume any positive votes for Felger are proxy votes for his wife from SOSH nerds who have never kissed a girl.

    Is the board dead?

    • tl;dr

      I always wondered why people, when trying to put someone down, bring up their prowess with members of the opposite sex…like that's the measure of how good a person you are.

  • DeansDesk

    Approve or disapprove compared to what? That's really what needs to be considered. Yes, he over-plays the contrarian card, contradicts himself, is flippant and disrespectful of fans but he is better prepared, more well-reasoned and infinitely more interesting than anyone else with his role in Boston sports radio.

    If you vote disapprove you really should have to name which headlining mid-day sports personality is currently better than Felger.

    • tommyfw

      setting the bar pretty low then, aren't you? Silence is better than listening to sh!tstirring. How about "approve or disapprove" based on your personal preferences? This isn't a field of 64 where one is pitted against another. Do you approve of Felger or not?

      So the rest of the competition sucks so Felger then gets an approval? If your criteria are the buts above and not the negatives then you have reasonably put out your opinion. I think the negatives you mentioned matter far more than friggin' show prep–but that is my opinion.

  • Irascibli

    Got to say that Felger will admit when events have shown him wrong. Just the other day he copped to having been wrong about having agitated for and, when it happened, loving the Bruins' trade for Thomas Kaberle. And credited Milbury, Neumeier and one of his callers, whom he then featured, with having been right about it.

  • Jason

    What happened to the messageboard? The link on the front page brings you to a link site not the messageboard. Also my link in my favorites no longer works.

  • tommyfw

    How the hell am I supposed to get through the day without the forum?! Game 7 is tonight.

    Ohh, and Felger is horrendous. Eff him mightily. Can't wait to see the poll for "YARM" Masserotti.

    • Siggy

      " Can't wait to see the poll for "YARM" Masserotti."

      Do you think anyone is saying "Can't wait to see the poll for YAWN Michael Holley?"

  • TjM

    Get your house in order Men of PSF

  • Rich aka rickkyboy

    rickrolled on the forum too. this sux.

  • Rich aka rickkyboy

    If you are on twitter. comment there and hashtag #bsmw after your comments.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jon.duke Jon Duke

      Great idea Rich!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.duke Jon Duke

    I'm telling you all… this is Joe Haggerty's revenge.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.duke Jon Duke

    Bruce posted a note on the BSMW Facebook page explaining what's going on… http://www.facebook.com/BostonSportsMediaWatch

  • NutCracker

    I think Felger has a great opportunity in this market because by fault he's become the anti-Ordway and we know Ordway's audience bailed on him when 98.5 started. Felgah is fine if he is hosting an intelligent debate on a topic but he's annoying when he just whines, whines, shouts and whines; which is most of the time. He is like a pitt bull that just shakes the sh*t out of a topic when he sinks his teeth into it; re: Randy Moss, trade Tim Thomas, signing Chara long term, etc. I believe he's become much too predictable. You know what he's going to say before he even says it and it'll usually be contrary to what the popular opinion is on any topic. He is limited. He hates the Celtics (Green Teamers) and Red Sox – listening to him host the Baseball Show was an act in perseverance. So to me, he's better than Ordway when talking Bruins and Patriots but he whines and shouts too much. He's both good and bad. It's like so other than that Mrs. Lincoln; how'd you like the play?

  • naop

    "As a self described impartial observer of the Boston sports scene, Mike Felger revels in his ability to play devil’s advocate and singe local sports fans for their unabashed homerism."

    That's not being impartial, that's being a dick. Disapprove!

    • Jason Coyote

      That four-letter word sums it up pretty succicinctly. Another would be that his initials seem appropriate.



    I completely lucked into free Loge tickets in Section 2 tonight. PM me asap if you want to go.

  • JohnnyApps

    So this just about sums up the state and attitudes of the local sports radio stations.
    So the Bruins are playing their biggest game in years tonight and it's the same old thing over on WEEI… Ordway and Holley on vacation (Dale is filling in, which isn't bad, but still….wouldn't Ordway WANT to work today to discuss this huge day in recent Bruins history??) … while over at 98.5 Felger's been taking calls all afternoon discussing the Bruins and all the different possibilities and angles with the game tonight. So typical of WEEI…

  • 4GreatestEver

    I approved of Felger for one reason – half the time I hate what he says, half the time I agree with what he says. And I find myself always tuning in to hear his comments. So I guess that means I respect what he has to say.

  • mahk

    Felger is entertaining. Yeah, he beats a dead horse every now and again, but overall he brings up obscure topics that are relevant and not often discussed in other mediums. Has decent knowledge of hockey and projects a hardcore hockey fan image. Not afraid to criticize popular players and coaches of the home team. Shows humbleness when he's wrong and has a decent style of self deprecating humor when wrong or talking about "the Wood". Put aside your prejudices and really listen what the guy has to say…

  • Tread All Over You

    Felger and Masorati should be ashamed of themselves. They are not journalists they are sideshow freaks appealing to a small group of sideshow freaks for listeners. Have your ever counted how many people call in? Its a statistically irrelevant number of unemployable halfwits that can't afford to waste an hour on hold just to say love your show, but do as compared to real fans, yet they present it as the pulse of the city. Their only claim to fame is to be more negative than anyone else on the air which is a hard thing to do. They find negatives in the negative and pat each other on the back like a couple of geeks. Can you imagine these two in Chicago years from now after Theo Epstein puts together two World Series wins there and then decides to leave? They would find fault in the way Theo won two World Series in Boston and then two World Series in Chicago. They have not credibility and the only reason they're on is because Ordway is worse. Michael Holley should have his own show on a different station and loose these losers.

  • Shut up Felgah

    All I know is the guys comments about the Celtics are beyond stupid. I don't mind the occasional jab or joke and god knows I've had plenty of moments where I'm extremely pissed at Danny Ainge, but to carry on constantly the way he does about the play of Rajon is just stupid. I don't like hockey at all, I think its the 2nd worst sport next to soccer, a low scoring snoozefest beloved by few people other then Italian boys who aren't tall enough to make the basketball and football teams. But cuz I know people who like it, and I like those people enough to be polite and be happy their team won a(for example I like how Hockey is excessively violent and as a Russian I respect that its a popular sport amongst my fellow Ruskies), but if you can't even a single positive thing to say about the Celtics, then shut ya ignorant mouth Felgah.

    He just reeks of insecurity as many (not all but many) Bruins fans do, and I guess I guess its understandable when you go to the Gahden and see all those Green and white Banners and know the B's will never be as good as the Celtics and will never be as beloved by the city of Boston as the Celtics are even with the Stanley Cup. Yah I guess it must stick in the craw of some butthurt Bruins fans that most people from Boston prefer basketball and baseball to hockey (the Pats and Pats fans used to be total fahking goobahs, but 3 supahbowls have changed that), too fricken bad.

    Also I feel the need to point out how Felgah said "durr Rondo can't shoot, he can't make free throws durr I blow Tim Thomas during commercial breaks" Really? Cuz the season is early, but seems to me like far from "turtling" as Felgah predicted he would and shying from contact Rondo is making shots taking shots drawing fouls. Seems to me like the guy was completely and utterly wrong about Mr Rondo. Whatever d- bag, Rondo can shoot he can rebound he can make plays (which if you had even the faintest understanding of the game you'd know is the primary function of the point you moron) and hes even knocking down threes. Smug ignorant d-bag should be rode outta town

  • Kathy15_5234

    He portarys himself as an athlete, but he’s far from it. He also likes to portray himself as a tough guy, but, once again, he’s far from it. His hand and arm movements in addition to his body language make him look effeminate. We call him Poopsie-Poo. Anyone notice he doesn’t allow anyone to call him Felgie any longer? He finally realized it didn’t sound manly. We consider him to be nerdish, dweebish, and all woman! Anyone recall him “tossing” a football to Mike Vrabel? His masculinity came into question that day! Vrabel made him look like a dweeb.