2011 Approval Ratings – Andy Brickley

Melrose native Andy Brickley has been Bruins analyst since 1996 when he was hired by WBZ radio to replace Barry Pederson, who had just received a promotion at the investment firm he was working at.

The following year, Brickley was hired to do the Bruins TV broadcasts on channel 38, replacing Derek Sanderson. In 2000, he moved to NESN, doing primarily the road games, alongside Dave Shea. Since 2005, Brickley has done all NESN Bruins telecasts home and away, and since 2007, all of those have been alongside Jack Edwards.

Brickley attended UNH, where Edwards actually called the games that Brickley was playing in. Brickley had a 14-year professional hockey career (both minor league and NHL), including the Bruins from 1988-1992, and actually got his start in broadcasting while he was a player with the Grizzlies of Salt Lake City. While he was injured, Brickley participated in the radio broadcasts of the IHL club.  

He made a brief comeback as a player during the 1999-2000 season when he played three games for the Providence Bruins.

Brickley also has national broadcast experience, working games with Versus/NBC.


Random Quote

I don’t think D&C are unlikeable. They’re passionate and sometimes their comments and opinions can be perceived as negative. But they are incredibly smart, well prepared and far more knowledgeable about sports than Toucher and Rich. That’s why they’re as successful as they are. Toucher and Rich are talented radio guys and they have a following, but if you want sports, D&C are the choice.

— Jason Wolfe, WEEI.com Chat, 8/3/12
  • Paul

    What is not to like about “Brick?” Could we have our first approval shutout?

    • Pope of Chilitown

      You beat me to it Paul, other than to be contrarian, what problem could anyone have with him?

  • Jon

    He shares a booth with Jack Edwards.
    Instant approve. He and MIke Gorman can never be questioned.

  • Tony

    He does a great job despite having to work with Jack Edwards. Approve.


    Easy "Approve!" Would I knock back a few beers with him in the Penalty Box? Bleep, I think I have.

  • Funkhouser

    Love Brick. Solid analyst, easy on the eyes, not Meterparel. Approve!

  • NutCracker

    Great guy – local kid – excellent analyst = Big Time Approve