2011 Approval Ratings – Steve Bulpett

Boston Herald Celtics/NBA writer Steve Bulpett is our entry for today.

Bulpett has been on the Celtics beat since the mid-1980’s, and the Herald proclaims him “the dean of NBA beat writers in continuous service with a team,” and also that he has “followed the Celtics as a home and away beat longer than anyone in franchise history.” (Others, such as Mike Fine have covered the team longer, but for some of that time only when the team was at home.)

A Lynn and Swampscott native, Bulpett went to the University of Dayton to study law, and ended up with a journalism degree. He also was an intramural basketball teammate of Dan Patrick. Yet to be lured to the Twitter world (though I think he’d be terrific on there) , another Boston sports media member who despises socks…

You can spot a very young Bulpett sitting on press row at the Garden in this terrific SI shot featuring Doc Rivers and Larry Bird. Bulpett is in the white shirt, a few feet away from an attentive Bob Ryan.


Random Quote

You guys called us old, over. I read some of your pathetic articles and some of your lousy analysis. It’s opinion and obviously you don’t know what drives us. We thank y’all for those articles, appreciate it because it lit a fire under us. One of the hardest things I’ve always said in this league is to create chemistry.

— Kevin Garnett, 4/18/12
  • mandb97

    Bruce, I'm loving some of these old photos. Good job.

  • Suzy

    Steve Bulpett knows his stuff, works hard, writes insightfully and well, and never makes himself part of the story. The best of the best. APPROVE.

  • LarryLegendBSMW

    Best on the beat. Hands down.

  • NutCracker

    I don't frequent the Herald much (go to the Globe for my sports) but I make it a point to catch-up with Bulpett and Mark Murphy at the Herald during basketball season (I also like Sherrod Blakley at CSNNE). I never cared much for Mark Spears when he was at the Globe. I just read Bulpett's mock draft for this year so it'll be fun to see how close he came with his predictions. Steve Bulpett – Definite approve.

  • Whitey Bulger

    He's the only one I've listened to in my 16 years in hiding.

  • Winning

    I've always enjoyed his writing. Approve!

  • Classless

    Not sure how anyone can disapprove. he doesn't put anything out there that isn't factual or back up with facts.

  • JSR

    The pic is from MSST, which he does not appear on nearly enough. I love when he shoots down Tanguay and Felger's dumb theories and opinions with the real facts.

  • Chris

    Anyone that doesn't have a Connecticut School of Broadcasting pedigree at least gets a few points just for that, so a mild 'APPROVE!'

  • Angry Old Bastard

    Abstain, not much of a basketball guy so i'm sitting this one out. no clue if he's good, bad, or mediocore.

  • etak

    I wish he /would/ do Twitter. As it is, I enjoy his writing (when I get the Herald), and there's nothing to disapprove /of/.

  • Dave

    Nice Wig.