2011 Approval Ratings – Karen Guregian

Karen Guregian covers the New England Patriots for the Boston Herald.

A Chelmsford native and graduate of Northeastern University’s journalism school, Guregian began her career with the Lowell Sun. She joined the Boston Herald in 1984, and has remained there since, despite some rumored inquiries from the Boston Globe in recent years.

My first memories of Guregian are during her days covering the Bruins. She spent eight years on that beat, and has also covered the Red Sox before coming over to the Patriots beat a few years back.

She doesn’t do a ton of on-air appearances in this market these days, but I remember her doing sports talk radio before WEEI even existed, so she’s got plenty of experience.


Random Quote

You’re expected to just nod in the affirmative, utter “In Belichick We Trust,” and walk in lockstep off a cognitive cliff.

— Chris Gasper, Boston Globe, 9/20/12
  • latetodinner

    I was all set to say she might be one of if not the best female sports writers in the market but that is not fair to her…she is one of the best sportswriters regardless of gender in the market, period. I find her Patriots coverage to be even keeled, informative and generally accurate. She finds quirky stories (like yesterday's bit on Albert Haynesworth's friend Pat), but she can also do game stories. Unlike someone like Shalise Young, KG does not focus on what she doesn't know and try to prove that she belongs. We don't see a lot of X's and O's stories from her, or supposition about what may happen. She observes and reports what she sees, does her home work, asks good questions without becoming part of the story. Its refreshing. I think she and Ian Rapapport make a good team. Lastly, her style has not changed much from her days on the Sox beat. That is a compliment.

  • Lance_

    I dig her. Never read about her whining and she's not afraid to work hard. When she's allowed to "go out of her lanes" she writes good interesting articles. And she knows how to write clearly. A key member of the local press corps.

  • Scott B.

    Oh. I'm sorry. I thought this was a link to order a men's barn coat from LL Bean. I think the picture confused me.

    I should also mention that I like to refer to Karen as 'KG.' It confuses Jon Duke no end.

    • Carl

      When I saw the picture I thought; when did Bucky Larson start writing for the Herald?


    I miss her calling in to the "Meat Locker" from a submarine at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea.

  • John

    Yeah, baby! It's Austin Powers!

  • whitey bulger

    What's with all the catcalling? I've always thought she was handsome.

  • Fred_West_Lynn

    Solid reporter. Very readable. No self-promotion. Never uses her feelings as a litmus test of what a player's value is. I can't imagine her doing anything so childish as the "16-0 but lose in the playoffs" stunt. She obviously didn't get the memo.


  • Big Al

    Instead of Approve/Disapprove buttons you need an "ambivalent" button. I rarely seek out her columns but when I come across them I do read them. I like that she refrains from bumper sticker pablum and sticks to the facts. Easy to get through her columns. The anti-Borges.

    • latetodinner

      I totally agree with AL…we want APATHY!

  • Classless

    She got sucked into the spygate garbage with the rest of the herald scum (except Rappaport), so disapprove from me. She also questioned Brady's commitment early last year, echoing the brainless cries of the WEEI blockheads (Example: "Brady isn't into it anymore. He's not as focused because he has a supermodel wife and child. His hair is a distraction.")