Be Afraid Of “Team X,” Be Very Afraid

While the Patriots are now in the driver’s seat for the top seed in the AFC, a new threat has emerged to their Super Bowl hopes.

Team X

We’re not sure who Team X is, but believe me, you need to be terrified of Team X.

Team X is yet another creation of Michael Felger. Team X could be any one of the following: The Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, or Oakland Raiders.

Felger says he wouldn’t pick any of those team individually in a game against the Patriots, especially at Gillette, but he would pick Team X.

Team X plays a slow game, keeping Tom Brady off the field. They don’t turn the ball over. Team X will beat the Patriots.

So be afraid of Team X. Be very afraid.

Also you should be very concerned about the contracts of Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski.

OK. Got it. I will now walk about in fear of Team X and worry about those contracts incessantly.

Now let’s get to some grades for the Patriots/Broncos game:

Making The Grades – Patriots at Broncos – Its a split decision on PD. The first quarter Patriots? An F. The rest-of-the-game Patriots? A solid B.

Patriots Report Card – Ron Borges is in the holiday spirit with some of his grades. Is this the same guy on that video yesterday? It’s a little different when things are in print and a little more permanent, I guess.

Patriots Report Card: Brady, Hernandez head the class – Kirk Minihane says we still have no answers about this team.

Hector Longo’s Two-Minute Drill – Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork once again lead the list of “no shows.” (Hector, I’m sorry you felt “mocked” last week. Not my intention.)

Patriots Report Card: Aaron Hernandez Breaks Out, Special Teams Deliver Against Broncos – Jeff Howe gives his grades, and gives you a chance to give yours.

Patriots Center – ESPN Boston has “B’s” across the board, except for that rush defense.

Patriots report card Game 14 – Give out your grades on

Grogan’s Grade: Week 14 – New England at Denver – Steve Grogan is pleased with the effort.

An old look pays off big – Ian Rapoport says a switch back to the 3-4 made a huge difference for the Patriots.

Holiday roll – Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins winning their 5th straight game.

A new look for Celtics rotation. – Paul Flannery looks at the Celtics bench.

Awful Early, Patriots Rally and Dominate Tebow, Broncos

The internet was an ugly place during the first quarter of yesterday’s Patriots/Broncos game. As the second quarter began, the Patriots made adjustments on defense, with several players crediting Matt Patricia with making adjustments on-the-fly, adjustments that worked and turned the game around. (Funny, I just read on Friday from a Patriots beat writer that Matt Patricia is in over his head with the Patriots {1:21} .)

Tom Brady and the Patriots offense was magnificent all game, and the Patriots won going away, 41-23 over Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.

Patriots fans should be 49ers fans tonight, as a San Francisco win over Pittsburgh would give the Patriots the inside track to the top seed in the AFC.

Patriots’ defense figured it out – Mike Reiss has the defense figuring things out after struggling early. More on the defense from Greg A. Bedard | Karen Guregian | Tim Britton | Tom E Curran

Here are Tom Curran and Ron Borges talking about the defense after the game. The best part of the video is watching Curran’s face as Borges goes on his insane rant.

Ten Things We Learned Sunday: Brady, Patriots prove Tebow, Broncos not ready for prime time – Christopher Price has the Patriots making a statement with the win. Michael Hurley also offers a number of thoughts on the win.

For the Gator glory, it’s Hernandez this time – Michael Whitmer has Aaron Hernandez outshining his college teammate, Tim Tebow yesterday. More on the big day by Hernandez from Chris Forsberg | Mary PaolettiTim Britton | Pat Rooney

Anderson piles up the sacks – With Andre Carter going down with an apparent season-ending injury, Chris Forsberg has Mark Anderson stepping in and coming up big.

Protect Brady and Lombardi Trophy is theirs – Bill Burt goes a little overboard.

When the going got tough, the Patriots got going – Tony Massarotti is desperately trying to claw his way off the top of the enemies list. (Though John Dennis may have already wrapped up the award for this week.)

Tom Brady center of attention again – Steve Buckley has Tom Brady quieting the hype on Tim Tebow.

Jeff Green’s condition puts it all in perspective for Celtics – Steve Bulpett has Celtics players very glad Green’s condition was found in time.

Celtics rookie Moore impresses in debut – A. Sherrod Blakely has the Celtics second round pick impressing his veteran teammates.

New CBA leaves minimal options – Mark Murphy says that the Celtics will get no relief from the NBA for losing Green. They can only sign players for veteran minimum contracts.

Celtics Green Lost For Season, Mayo Locked Up With Pats For Five

The Celtics announced today that Jeff Green has been diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm148190220939046912, and will miss the 2011-2012 season. He is expected to make a full recovery and is expect to be ready to play next season.

Here’s some reaction to the news:

What Green’s loss means to C’s – Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston.

JEFF GREEN WILL MISS THE 2011-12 SEASON – Paul Flannery,

Green to have surgery for aortic aneurysm; out for year – A. Sherrod Blakely,

Jeff Green will miss entire season – Gary Washburn, Boston Globe.

ESPN’s Ric Bucher adds some thoughts on what the Celtics will do with Green’s contract:

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And then we have:

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Yeah. The aneurysm is totally on Danny. Totally. John Dennis is rapidly climbing the “Enemies List” for this week…

I mean, really? I think we have a candidate for stupidest tweet in the history of Twitter.  Jeff Green should be pissed because Danny’s hubris gave him an aortic aneurysm. Can he sue?

Of course, the big part of this is that this physical potentially saved Green’s life. That shouldn’t be overlooked.

With the Patriots, Adam Schefter reported this morning that the Patriots have agreed to a five-year contract extension with Jerod Mayo.

Rather than been viewed as a positive, some are viewing this as bad news for Wes Welker, whose contract is up at the end of the season.

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I don’t think Welker is going anywhere. Either the Patriots will tag him, or he’ll get a new deal. Many view Mayo as underwhelming, but his coaches and teammates rave about him, and he’s showing signs of becoming the playmaker his critics say he isn’t. It’s a great move to get him locked up through his prime.