On “Eager Reporters” with “Well-Intentioned” Questions

The latest masterpiece from Boston.com/Boston Globe is a slideshow entitled Why Everyone Else Hates The Patriots.

Gee, I’m shocked that Joe Sullivan would green-light something like this. How come this hasn’t been on the front page of the Globe sports section for 10 years?

I’ll spare you having to click through it all. The reasons are:

Pollard’s comments (Really? Sour grapes from a losing team is a reason to hate the Patriots?)
They’re perceived as cheaters (Felger and Mazz spent four hours on this topic yesterday.)
They dink and dunk — sort of (This is a reason to hate?)
They run up the score (Apparently in the entire NFL, only the Patriots are guilty of this.)
They’re smug  (To the media. This is a reason for the public to hate?)
They kill drifters and bury them under Gillette (OK, this one wasn’t in there, just seeing if you’re paying attention)
Their coach is dismissive
  (Again, to the media. Especially “eager reporters” with “well-intentioned” questions)
Their quarterback is pretty (This is just silly at this point)
They win (Bingo. Why not just have this one slide and end it at this?)
Their coach kicks puppies (Still paying attention?)
We’re all winning (So people hate the Patriots because the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Got it.)

While yes, I get that much of this is tongue-in-cheek, and I even get the impression from his comments that writer Gary Dzen doesn’t even believe much of it, the comments that got me was under “Their coach is dismissive” when he wrote about “eager reporters” with “well-intentioned” Questions getting smacked down by Belichick.  Replace “eager reporters” with “lazy columnists” and “well-intentioned” with “agenda-driven” and it might be more accurate.

Do other cities do  “Why Everyone Hates The Incredibly Successful Local Team” pieces? Is there one up on a New York website about the Giants right now? Do they do a Lakers one in Los Angeles?

Miss-information on Billy Cundiff kicks around – Of all people, Ron Borges and Mark Farinella lay the smackdown against those who have been suggesting that the Patriots messed with the scoreboard to “cheat” their way to a win on Sunday. (Farinella’s column is very good)

How Belichick’s defensive insights helped Brady learn to play QB – A very good piece from Paul Kenyon of the Providence Journal, including comments from a young Tom Brady before he even became the Patriots starting QB about how Belichick had helped his game already.

Kevin Faulk looks back at early days – Ian Rapoport talks with Kevin Faulk, who seems likely to be playing in his final NFL game next Sunday.

Ten Super Bowl stories you won’t want to miss – Mysteriously, Bill Burt omits Spygate, David Tyree, and all the lame storylines being pumped out elsewhere.

Patriots deserve to be Super Bowl favorites – Jonathan Comey says that while it may not mean anything, the Patriots do deserve to be favored in this game.

Looking back at Pats-Giants in Week 9 – Mike Reiss looks back at the regular season matchup between the teams.

Moore impact – Shalise Manza Young with a look at the big plays from rookie Sterling Moore.

Bruins Midseason Report Card: Forwards Earn High Marks, Head Into Break As NHL’s Highest-Scoring Offense – Douglas Flynn hands out some Bruins midseason grades.

Thomas’s White House Snub Brings Out the Cult of Media Hypocrisy – George Cain looks at the stunning hypocrisy and witch hunt against the Bruins goaltender from the likes of Tony Massarotti.

Dwight Howard to Hub? – Steve Bulpett has the Magic center not ruling out the Celtics as a possible future destination.

Celtics owe it to Rivers to shape up – Gary Washburn says that while no Celtics showed up at camp out of shape, they’re still not in “game” shape and owe it to their coach to get there.

Pitching dominoes poised to fall? – Gordon Edes has the Red Sox looking to round out their rotation with either Roy Oswalt, Edwin Jackson or Gavin Floyd.

Brady Didn’t Play That Bad In AFC Title Game. Wait, What?

When Tom Brady asserted that he “sucked” in Sunday’s AFC championship game, not many people were in a rush to disagree with him.

Upon a second look at the game, perhaps Brady was being a bit hard on himself, or so at least one Patriots reporter believes.

Brady got the job done – Greg A Bedard’s game review, which has consistently been one of the best weekly columns of this season, notes that Brady actually played well on Sunday, and that playoff football is completely different from regular season football.

Tom Brady Will Bounce Back With Strong Super Bowl Performance and 19 Other Patriots Thoughts – Jeff Howe thinks that Brady will have a big Super Bowl performance, though I’m not so sure, as Bedard notes above, the playoffs are a completely different style of football.

46 lines on 23 issues – Tom E Curran has some very interesting observations and thoughts from Sunday, including Ravens CB Chris Carr calling Brady an “arrogant [bleep] ” after the game, and memories of Asante Samuel’s selfishness.

Scouts’ Super Bowl Take, Part 1: How to beat the Giants – We’ll see tons of columns about “how to beat the Patriots” in the next two weeks, I’m grateful to Christopher Price for going in the opposite direction, which is what I think most fans around here really want to read.

Revenge a real factor for Patriots – Karen Guregian talks to former Patriots Rodney Harrison, Heath Evans, Jarvis Green, James Sanders and Ellis Hobbs about how they would feel about another shot at the Giants.

Not an instant replay – Shalise Manza Young runs through the rosters and notes that a lot has changed since 2007.

Heaps of hype, memories – Not bad, Farinella, not bad.

Giants quite familiar to Patriots – Guregian’s notebook has Bill Belichick recalling his time with the Giants. The Globe notebook from Michael Vega has Bernard Pollard with plenty of sour grapes. The Patriots Journal has Belichick without much to say about Rob Gronkowski’s ankle.

The Bruins lost 5-3 in Washington D.C. last night, in their final game prior to the NHL All Star Break.

The Bruins need a break – DJ Bean says that like a little child, the Bruins need some time out to think about what they’ve done in recent weeks.

Bruins could use a break – Joe McDonald concurs that the All Star Break is coming at just the right time for the Bruins.

Team is used to Thomas’s ways – Fluto Shinzawa suggests that Thomas’s decision, however, may be the first step in goalie and team parting ways. It could be Tuukka time sooner than we think.

I’m glad to see Larry Johnson is continuing to put his all into his cartoons:

Well, at least he added the whistle, right?

Patriots Savor AFC Win, Get Ready For Super Redux

The Patriots took a day to recover from and enjoy their AFC Championship win over the Ravens, while begining to turn their attention to the NFC Champion New York Giants.

The Super Bowl XLII replays have already begun on NFL Network. View at your own peril. Some of us still can’t stomach it.

Super Bowl may be a rematch, but teams are not the same – Tim Britton says that for all the attention about the “rematch” these are pretty much completely different teams than the two that met in XLII. Rich Garven has the Patriots looking to finish off the season the right way.

Making The Grades – AFC Championship, Patriots vs. Ravens – Jeremy Gottlieb has the grades from Snday and here are a pair of other report cards to look over, from Ron Borges and Hector Longo.

Patriots savor a little longer – Shalise Manza Young has the team taking a day to enjoy their AFC Championship.

A workout by Vince Wilfork – Ian Rapoport has a look at a very tired Wilfork following his monster performace against the Ravens.

In key moments for the Patriots, it’s keep calm and carry on – Christopher Price notes how the Patriots ability to come through in key moments has separated them from the rest of the AFC this season.

Rob Gronkowski will be ready – Rapoport’s notebook says that the monster tight end will be ready to play in the Super Bowl. The Globe notebook from Shalise Manza Young confirms that. The Patriots Journal has Julian Edelman not one to back down from a challenge.

The hot topic of sports radio this morning has been Tim Thomas and his boycott of the Bruins visit to the White House yesterday.

Thomas on his own as White House distraction – Joe Haggerty thinks the goaltender may have wandered a bit too far off the reservation. Joe McDonald thinks that Thomas put himself above the team.

Tim Thomas should be applauded for conviction – Kirk Minihane thinks Thomas was doing what he thinks is right. Michael Felger thinks that Thomas’ is an embarassment.

The Celtics put on a defensive clinic last night, holding the Orlando Magic to 25% shooting from the field, on their way to a 87-56 romp at the TD Garden.

Dwight Howard tips hat to C’s after ugly loss – Steve Bulpett has the Magic center saying that the Celtics went back to playing “Boston basketball” last night.

The Celtics we know – Paul Flannery welcomes back the Celtics.

Banged-up Celtics put hurt on Magic – Peter May has the Celtics putting on a defensive tour de force.

Pietrus is latest sidelined – Gary Washburn’s notebook looks at the latest Celtics injury and has the Garden welcoming back Glen Davis.

What the addition of Cody Ross means for the Red Sox – Alex Speier examines the signing of the free agent outfielder.