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Could that Brady/Patriots window, just like the Celtics, be closed for good?

The colossal second-coming of Joe Montana, once a perfect 10-0 and then 14-2 in the postseason, needed a Tim Tebow tumble to reality and a choke for the ages by Baltimore’s Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff — just to pick up a couple playoff wins.

— Hector Longo, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 6/15/12
  • Angry Old Bastard

    good grief….I'm ready for game day

  • bsmfan

    When Chad Finn had the Globe piece on how CSNNE was sending 18 and NESN basically had Jeff and Dara + a camera or two, I had to see it to believe it.

    "It's NESN's decision not ours. Cost saving I suspect." — trying to stay under a salary cap, huh? I assume that it costs $100k for the week to send a small crew of 10, right? NESN probably makes that back with a Bruins home game no? The sad thing is that NESN sends more cameras to Bruins road games than they did to Indy.

    I can't imagine that it is fun being a NESN employee.

  • Chris

    I hope WCVB didn't send the insufferable Ed Harding, a news anchor who would probably like to morph back into his sports-hack suit just to score a free trip to Indianapolis.

  • bsmfan

    Next great article:

    @DanWetzel: Why isn't Belichick in Madden? Why does he wear the hoodie? The NFLs last great contrarian: http://t.co/wb60KoK5

  • bsmfan

    I wonder if the "job requirement" had "tolerance for eating the craziest of foods ballparks offer that one would normally encounter at a state fair"

  • bsmfan

    I figure this will end up on one of Bruce's links, but guess what is "news" in the NYPost today? A leaked email from Gisele.

    Basically, Gisele sent a private email to "Brady-clan insiders" and someone leaked it out.

    Really? Don't you reserve this stuff for garbage like the Kardashians?

    Earlier in the week, he brazenly told a crowd of Patriots fans at a pep rally in Massachusetts: “We’re going down there, and were going down there for one reason . . . hopefully we’ll have a lot more people at our party next weekend.”

    That boast sounds like the kind of arrogance the Patriots engaged in before Super Bowl XLII four years ago, when they trademarked “19-0” in anticipation of completing an undefeated season with a championship win over the Giants.


    I expect RichCimini to do a blog entry lambasting 12 and Gisele at this rate.


  • Siggy

    Nice story on Dick Rehbein and his family.