Toucher and Rich Featured in Boston Magazine

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich are profiled in the latest issue of Boston Magazine, in a feature by Alan Siegel.

Revolution Radio

While the column mostly focuses on the rise of Toucher and Rich, (and all of 98.5) and their backgrounds, it also looks at the fall of WEEI.

A quick sample of the arrogance of T&R’s direct competition:

When asked about Toucher and Shertenlieb that summer, Gerry Callahan — their direct competition — said he’d never heard of them. “I am speaking to you from under my desk right now because I am so scared,” he told the Herald’s Jessica Heslam. “I’m afraid to come out.”

Then, to close the feature, after T&R had beaten D&C in four quarterly ratings periods:

In March, I asked WEEI program ­director Jason Wolfe about ­Toucher & Rich’s bomb-throwing.

“Sticks and stones…” he said in an e-mail. “If listeners want compelling, entertaining, and smart sports talk, they’re going to listen to Dennis & Callahan.” For his part, Callahan declined comment via e-mail. It’s unclear if he did so from under his desk.

Different Perspectives On Game Two

Different Perspectives On Game Two

Not everyone is buying that the Celtics were the victims of poor officiating last night, or that Rajon Rondo is even that good.

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On Rondo:
If Rondo could hit a layup he might be best player in NBA. Instead he’s the most overrated. Yeah, I said it.Andy Hart
Can Rondo please make a freaking layup?Tony Massarotti
Rajon Rondo tonight played the best game I’ve ever seen in a loss. Respect.Richard Deitsch
Hard to give more in a basketball game than Rajon Rondo gave last night. Incredible effort. Proud effort. Proud team.Zach Lowe
Magic Johnson just said Rajon’s Rondo’s game tonight might have been the greatest performance by a guard he’s ever seen.Richard Deitsch
About the fouls:
For the conspiracy theorists: Wade’s non-foul on Rondo:
Wade’s Non-Foul on Rondo G2 2012 ECFmrtrpledouble10
Last night’s officiating travesty wasn’t just about the 2 missed calls in OT. LBJ/Battier/Wade were reffed differently than Pierce. Period.Bill Simmons
Pierce’s Fouls vs MIA G2 2012 ECFmrtrpledouble10
The clear path foul that Ainge was upset about:
I guess if you knock a duy to the deck and help him up, the foul is on the other guy.Ken Berger
Boston fouls. Are older, slower, play w/ hands more. But consider: MIA took 26 shots at the rim in Game 2. BOS, 25. MIA 18 more FT attemptsChris Mannix
Last night’s shot chart negates any "Miami takes it to the hoop more" argument. Oh and Miami took 11 more 3’s.Bill Simmons
Then there was Wally Szczerbiak spouting off.
YO! RT @WSzczerbiak KG is another one who lacks the #clutchgene always has!John Hollinger
Note: Szczerbiak apparently deleted the Tweet shortly thereafter, replacing it with this:

KG never takes big shot for #Celtics now he’s fourth in line behind Pierce Allen and Rondo to take clutch shot. Warrior all game though!!Wally Szczerbiak
The man has a right to his opinion, dammit!
So a guy who played in the NBA & currently works as an NBA analyst can’t give his opinion? Got itChris Villani
The DA Show Producer weighs in:
Celtic fans sound a lot like Jets fans after losses to the Pats, its rigged! They want Brady to win! Get over it the Heat are better.Chris Curtis
And Jon Wallach:
Looking back at the Celtics loss this morning, the refs didn’t cost them this game. They had plenty of chances to win and didn’t.Jon Wallach
No…four point game, calls couldn’t possibly have made a difference…
Now a bunch of people saying Celtics fans are just whiny bitches:
I think the last time I complained about NBA officiating was when I was twelve. Then I grew up.Paulsen
I don’t remember Boston fans being convinced the league is rigged after Game 6 of the Atlanta series.John Hollinger
When you look at the history of the NBA, clearly the Boston Celtics have had the league out to get them for its entire history. /wankHardwood Paroxysm
If there was sports talk radio in the 80’s I am sure the rest of the country was saying the same thing Celtic fans are saying today.Chris Curtis
Let’s get a sampling of Mike Breen reaction:
From Mike Breen’s call of this game to the refs blowing the calls in the clutch … Congrats the NBA – you are going to get what you wantedMatt Perrault
Mike Breen is the Tim McCarver of hoops coverageIan Fitzpatrick
In my hell everything will be narrated simultaneously by Brent Musburger and Mike Breen as if the team I like is losing.TC
Was that meant as a compliment, or an insult?
I like how Mike Breen just barely reacted to that ridiculous Rondo bucket.Ben Rohrbach
Mike Breen: "Amazing how aggressive LeBron is on defense and never seems to be in foul trouble." Yes, it is amazing, isn’t it?Teddy Panos
Officials outdid themselves with that call. Mike Breen is proud. #CelticsJeremy Gottlieb
So Breen is clearly just Anti-Celtics, right?
That was 3+ hours of Mike Breen blowing Rajon Rondo and pulling for the Celtics.Kevin Brewer
Mike Breen wants the Celtics to win sooooooooo badGreenlee
Final thoughts:
Column: Despite an epic Rondo performance, these livid Celtics still can’t win. What will they have left in Boston? Wojnarowski
Behind the Box Score, where the Boston Celtics’ best somehow wasn’t enough | Ball Don’t Lie – Yahoo! Sports Dwyer
Column: With the will of a champion, Rajon Rondo falls short. #NBAPlayoffs #Heat #Celtics Berger

Celtics suffer heartbreaking loss to Heat, down 0-2

In what was an extremely entertaining game, the Celtics eventually fell 115-111 in overtime to the Heat Wednesday night in Miami. The Celtics held a 15-point lead in the first half, before the Heat outscored the Celtics 35-22 in the third quarter to take a 6-point lead entering the fourth. The Celtics came storming back and held a 5-point lead midway through the quarter, but the Heat once again came back, and the Celtics needed a Ray Allen three-pointer with 34 seconds left to force overtime. In the overtime session Rajon Rondo scored all 12 of the Celtics’ points, but in the end it was not enough.

Rondo was the story of the game, scoring a career-high 44 points in the loss. He also finished with 10 assists and eight rebounds. He did all this playing the entire 53 minutes of the game. Rondo was 16-24 from the field and 10-12 from the line. Kevin Garnett gave everything he had as well, playing 45 minutes and finishing with 18 points and eight rebounds. Paul Pierce fouled out late in the fourth, after playing 43 minutes and finishing with 21 points.

One note that was not mentioned at all during the broadcast and postgame was Pierce left the bench with 2.2 seconds remaining in the overtime to go to the locker room. He was not hurt, he was just frustrated. Not exactly something you want to see from the teams’ captain.

There was once again much discussion following the game on the officiating. In the end the Celtics were called for 33 fouls, to the Heat’s 18. There was once blatant foul on Dwyane Wade in the overtime session, when he smacked Rondo across the face when Rondo was going up for a layup, but there was no call. For the game the Celtics shot a total of 29 free throws, while LeBron James shot 24 by himself. While the officiating was questionable, no one can blame the referees for the Celtics blowing a 15-point lead, so there should be no pinning the loss on the referees.

Effort was there, result was lacking– Gary Washburn says the Celtics played with the most passion out of any playoff game this year.

Celtics’ best not good enough– Jackie MacMullen has despite some valiant efforts by the Celtics, it just wasn’t enough to get past the Heat.

Couldn’t ask for more from Celtics’ Rajon Rondo– Dan Shaughnessy compares Rondo’s performance to some games played by some of the Celtics legends.

Rajon Rondo gives his best– Steve Bullpet also looks at the Game 2 performance by the Celtics point guard.

Rajon Rondo deserved better– Chris Forsberg says Rondo and the Celtics deserved a win with Rondo’s Game 2 performance.

The Rondo game that got away– Paul Flannery has the reactions of different players and coaches on Rondo’s performance, including LeBron James.

Marathon Green men– Steve Buckley says another storyline of Game 2 was Ray Allen, as after following a tough outing in Game 1, Allen responded with some clutch three’s.

Foul odor detected– Mark Murphy in his notebook has Danny Ainge stopping Joe Borgia, the NBA’s officiating supervisor following the game.

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The Red Sox defeated the Tigers 6-4 and are now two games over .500, just 2 1/2 games out of first place in the AL East. The Red Sox hit three home runs, including two-run shots by David Ortiz and Will Middlebrooks, and then a solo home run from Kevin Youkilis. Starter Jon Lester went 6 2/3 innings allowing four runs and striking out seven.

Second baseman Dustin Pedroia is dealing with a slight tear in his thumb’s adductor muscle. He will not swing a bat the next few days to allow for the swelling and bruising to go down before making a decision on Monday as to whether to go on the disabled list or not. There has been talk of bringing up shortstop Jose Iglesias from Pawtucket and moving Mike Aviles to second, if Pedroia were to go on the DL.

Red Sox must do what’s right for Pedroia– Chad Finn says the Red Sox should be extra cautious with their second baseman, not letting him return until his thumb his fully healed or he doesn’t risk doing any further damage.

Pedroia’s thumb injury poses a real dilemma– Nick Cafardo also looks at the situation the Red Sox are facing with Pedroia looking at both sides of the situation.

Red Sox showing heart– Scott Lauber has how despite a number of injuries to key players, the Red Sox are coming together and pulling out some good wins.

Bobby V suffles desk and wins again– Gordon Edes has Bobby Valentine getting creative with all of the injuries.