Should The Celtics Bother Showing Up Tonight?

Or the rest of the series?

From the sounds of it, they have no chance. I’ve Michael Holley predict a Celtics win tonight, but not many others. Apparently, the Heat winning game one on their home court has removed any possibility of the Celtics winning, not just the series, but one game.

Interestingly, on the Sunday TNT broadcast of the Western Conference Finals, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley were asked to pick the Celtics/Heat series. O’Neal and Smith picked the Celtics in six games. Barkley picked the Heat in five.

I wonder if their opinions changed after game one.

Felger and Massarotti had Doc Rivers on their show yesterday as a bit of a surprise guest. Shockingly, Felger didn’t ask Rivers about Pierce faking his injury or about KG being a fraud.

Hit the deck? Play some defense – Paul Flannery has Kevin Garnett preaching defense, not physical play is needed by the Celtics.

Them’s fighting words – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics going biblical.

Celtics will need a miracle of sorts – In among the miracle talk, Bill Reynolds says that the Celtics are 21-0 when Rajon Rondo has a triple-double.

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The Red Sox finally hopped over the .500 mark with a win over Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers at Fenway Park last night.

According to the Extra Bases blog, the Red Sox are holding tryouts for the Fenway Park PA position to replace the late Carl Beane.

Former Celtics PA announcer Andy Jick has been among those filling in, but Larry Lucchino announced that WEEI morning flash guy Jon Meterparel will get his tryout tomorrow night. Lucchino also said they’re talking about the idea of having the PA guy announce the balls and strikes count after each pitch, which I think is just an atrocious idea.

Emptying the Tank: Big 4, Lester, Theo, Thomas, Welker, Schilling, Media – George Cain on Sports of Boston weighs in on media coverage of the four local sports teams, before taking an extended break.

Defilippo cancels interview with Eagle Action – Interesting note from the Eagle in Atlanta blog, which has Boston College athletic director Gene Defilippo canceling an annual interview with the decidedly BC-friendly Eagle Action. With the BC football program on a downswing, it seems that Defilillo didn’t want to address questions about it or the future of coach Frank Spaziani.


Celtics Can’t Hold It Together, Drop Game One In Miami

At halftime last night, Celtics fans had to have been encouraged, seeing their team trail only by two points. As the second half wore on, Boston had no answers for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. The duo did whatever they wanted and laughed in the Celtics faces (literally) while doing it.

There is plenty of talk about the officiating, something a certain afternoon radio host will ridicule, but while clearly the Celtics did not lose the game because of officials, I don’t think anyone can deny that some of the calls made were at best head-scratching, and at worse, clearly part of an edict sent from above. They threw the Celtics off-stride, and likely took some of the wind out of their sails.

This video has an interesting stat – in the postseason Miami Heat opponents have been called for 23 technical fouls. The Heat themselves have been called for 6.

Let’s review the five technicals called against the Celtics last night:

1) A call goes against Ray Allen, and he exclaims “No!” does a little hop, and turns and walks away. Technical Foul called from Danny Crawford.

2) After a made Celtics basket, Garnett taps the ball as it comes out of the basket – something that happens on nearly every made basket. Technical foul, delay of game. ( I always think its worse when a player tosses the ball to an official standing 30 feet away – that’s much more of a delay, but that’s perfectly OK.)

3) Doc Rivers upset with a lack of a call, shouts “C’mon Eddie!” at Referee Eddie Malloy. Technical foul.

4) Upset that Shane Battier boxed him out of bounds and into the basket stanchion, even after the play was over, Rondo pushes Battier off him. Technical foul. Malloy again.

5) Illegal defense, Technical foul.

Meanwhile, any complaining about calls results in Tweets like these from various media members:

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Is this David Stern’s legacy as commissioner of the NBA? He’s been in charge during so many great moments, in the last 30 years, but these days there are many who view the NBA as joke, mostly because of the officials, and the perception that much of what happens in the NBA is, if not straight-out fixed, at least nudged in a certain direction. There appears to be no inclination to improve the quality of the officiating.

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Yes, Celtics lost because they couldn’t score, and they couldn’t stop Miami. That’s not open to debate. What’s also not open to debate is the fact that the officiating in the NBA is incompetent, and that reflects on the man in charge of the league.

One last thing as you prepare for the inevitable ridicule against the “green-teamers” this afternoon. Keep in mind that the guy who is mocking Celtics fans for complaining about the officiating, is one who has stated numerous times in recent weeks that the NBA is fixed.

Meanwhile, who is the voice of reason?

Stephen A Smith talking sense? Yup.

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Don’t get me started on Mike Breen…

Celtics Eastern Conference Finals Ticket Trends

Below is some deal info for games 3 & 4 back in Boston:

Game 3:

  • 2600+ tickets available with price starting at $157.
  • There are currently over 400 seats available for less than $200, all located in the 300’s. These tickets range from 15% to 28% below market average.
  • In the 100’s levels prices start at $288. There are currently 60+ 100 level seats available for $400 or less. These tickets are selling from 28% to 46% below market average.
  • Club Level seats start at $456, 34% below market average. Over 20 available for $550 or less

Game 4:

  • Also 2600+ tickets available with prices starting at $155.
  • Over 350 seats are available for less than $200, once again all of them located in the 300’s, 70+ are located in the 300’s Center — these tickets are selling from 4% to 46% below market average.
  • 100-level seats start at $298, with 50+ available for $360 or less, ranging from 33% to 42% below market value.
  • Club Level seats start at $440, 39% below market average. Over 20 available for $600 or less.