Dennis and Callahan Continue Laughable, Blind Defense of Curt Schilling

In the least shocking development of the morning, Dennis and Callahan continued their laughable, blind defense of their buddy Curt Schilling, and used the old technique of constantly moving the goalposts when people challenge them.

Gerry also used his favorite technique of answering people who challenge him by mocking the wording of their questions. As an example, someone called in said that Schilling “doesn’t have a leg to stand on” in his current predicament based on things he’s stated strongly in the past.

Callahan, instead of addressing the point made, slowly repeated doesn’t have a leg to stand on with as much sneer and condescension as he could muster, and never did get around to anything that was actually being said. It’s a favorite Callahan bullying technique when he has no answer – attack the delivery of the question.

Dennis and Callahan did have Kirk Minihane come on, in response to his column posted on this morning. (In the end, Curt Schilling was only about Curt Schilling.)

I took a little heat the other day for saying I liked Minihane, but this is part of the reason – who else in the local media is going to go on Dennis and Callahan and challenge them in this manner? I might believe him to be way off in many of his stances, (The Jack Edwards confrontation being one.) but too often, the Boston sports media operates in lockstep and with clubbish politeness towards each other.

All of this of course, is in response to the news of Company-wide layoffs at 38 Studios.

The Celtics play game seven against the Philadelphia 76ers tomorrow night. I’ll say it now, I don’t have a good feeling about this one. (It feels kind of like this, in fact.)

Of course, I’m not leaping off the Celtics bandwagon, they still have my admiration and respect, and I want more than anything for them to go out on a high note. Gary Washburn believes that there is no reason for the Celtics to be embarrassed about their struggles with the Sixers.

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The Patriots had an OTA workout that was open to the media yesterday, and reporters got the chance to speak with Brandon Lloyd and Joseph Addai, among others.

The most complete and detailed wrapups of the practice session came from Greg A Bedard and Andy Hart.

A couple of media columns to wrap up a Friday:

Michelle Beadle has room to grow at NBC – Chad Finn has the former ESPN personality getting an expanded role with NBC.

Giardi: a Pro in Golf and Life – John Molori has a column on CSNNE anchor and reporter Mike Giardi. Among other things, you’ll learn that his 6-year-old son is named Beckett. John neglected to ask if Mike takes any heat among his media brethren for that one.

Media Roundup: Old Tradition With High Tech Trappings In Indy 500 – My SB Nation Boston media column looks at the new technology ESPN is building into the classic race.

Ticketing trends for Celtics/Sixers Game 7

  • 2800+ tickets still available starting at $101.
  • 50+ available for less than $110. 250+ avail for less than $120. All 300 Level seats. Tickets in this price range are between 8% and 44% below market average. 
  • In the 100’s prices start at $173. 35+ for $200 or less. 34% and 56% below market avg.

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Celtics Can’t Finish Off Philly, Play Game Seven on Saturday

In as frustrating and disappointing a performance as we’ve seen in some time, the Celtics just could not get things going last night in game six and lost to the 76ers 82-75.

I can be reactionary at times, but I don’t think I’m doing that when I am concerned, not about the Eastern Conference Finals, but about game seven on Saturday night. The Sixers have played the Celtics very tough at the Garden, even though game five ended in a blowout, the Sixers controlled that game for more than a half. Three of the Celtics top six players are injured, whether Felger believes it or not, and it’s a factor. Could the Sixers come in fired up and overwhelm a weary Celtics team? I think they can.

The news yesterday that Avery Bradley is likely done for the season is probably the back-breaker for this team. (Who would’ve thought that in December?) What’s even more depressing is it could take Bradley an entire year to recover from surgery, meaning next season could be completely wiped out for him as well.

Even if the Celtics win on Saturday night, I don’t think the expectations are that they can beat Miami (or even Indiana) any longer. Without Bradley and his defense and energy (and offense?) the Celtics are in trouble. It feels a lot like 2009 right now.

Depressing, I know. Maybe it helps that just a month ago, I was saying that a strong performance in the second round was a reasonable ceiling for this team. That changed with some bounces their way, but has their luck (and health) run out?

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The Red Sox concluded a stretch of 20 games in 20 days with a 6-5 win over the Orioles in Baltimore yesterday afternoon. The Sox are back at .500 for the season, and return home for a series with Tampa starting tomorrow night.

For the Red Sox, 20 lessons learned from 20 games in 20 days – Alex Speier looks at what the Sox have learned about themselves the last three weeks.

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Valentine’s honor roll call – Gordon Edes has Bobby Valentine with some praise for his team.

The Patriots will allow media access to an organized team activity today at Gillette, and Jeff Howe gives you 5 things to watch from the session.

The Patriots agreed to a contract with top pick Chandler Jones yesterday, and Mike Reiss and Mike Rodak are Looking closer at Jones signing.