Fake Twitter Accounts Targeting Celtics Fans, Media

The power of Twitter is instant information and the ability to disseminate extremely quickly. When news breaks, it quickly spreads as people retweet the information, or see other people retweeting it, and decide to do so themselves as well.

A pair of fake Twitter accounts which “reported” a pair of big Celtics news items fooled some fans and media yesterday.


Whoa. Blockbuster. Except Broussard is spelled wrong.

I hate it when that happens.

Then later last night, this was posted.

This kept at least one sports editor in the office a little later than he intended.

But again, the account is one letter off. Why do people set up fake Twitter accounts and do this sort of thing? For exactly this reason. It’s too easy to just hit the “retweet” button. I’ve done it before when someone in my timeline had retweeted a fake account.

The Red Sox got back on track with a 5-1 win at Fenway Park over the Blue Jays. Five links from this morning:

Red Sox have varied contributors – Gordon Edes has a number of players making contributions to this win.

Cherington shoots down rifts between Red Sox players, Valentine – Danny Picard has the Sox GM saying that no players have come to him to complain about Bobby Valentine.

Doc Rivers thinks positive on Kevin Garnett return – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics coach believing that KG will be back.

What to watch for at Bruins’ development camp – DJ Bean tells us what to expect as the youngsters get together.

Options at QB for Patriots – Jeff Howe thinks that Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett offer the Patriots both depth and possible assets.

Monday’s BS Report with Bill Simmons featured Rich Levine from CSNNE.com, and they talked the state of Boston sports. You have get through the segment with Simmons’ Yankees fan buddy JackO first, but then it gets pretty good, though when they got to discussing the most popular athletes in Boston right now, somehow they left out Gronk.

I was wondering how Simmons knew Levine, and it turns out Levine was a finalist for the Sports Guy Intern contest with ESPN back in 2004.

Bob Lobel: The Greatest Moment of My Career – Which moment do you think it is?

Is This Red Sox Team Worth Investing In?

The Bruins season is done, and the draft is over. The Celtics season is done, and the draft is this Thursday. Free agency for both sports starts next week, but we don’t expect a lot of action from either squad on that front. The Patriots have finished their offseason work, and are off until training camp, sometime during the last week of July.

So that leaves the Red Sox. For better or worse, they are your main sports viewing option right now. (Well, unless you want to jump on board with the 7th place New England Revolution.)

How much can you invest into this Red Sox team? Principal owner John Henry seems to think that this is a team that can still win it all. That seems unlikely, but then again, a team doesn’t have to win it all to be worth following and investing emotionally in.

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Bruce Allen Does Monday Morning Quarterback

Bruce Allen will be guest-writing Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback one week while King is on vacation.

No, not me, the “other” Bruce Allen, who happens to be the GM of the Washington Redskins*. But if I did a MMQB column, part of it would probably look like this:

10 Things I Think I Think.

1) I think the Bill Belichick factor is overlooked in the coverage comparison of the Patriots and Saints scandals. The NFL refuses to reveal evidence against the Patriots, and that is interpreted as further proof of the Patriots guilt. The NFL refuses to reveal evidence against the Saints and it is interpreted as the league having nothing on the Saints.

2) LaDainian Tomlinson will always be affectionately known as the “Little Twat” here in New England. The image of him sitting on the bench in a parka with his helmet on during the AFC Championship game while his QB played on a torn ACL will be a lasting memory.

3) I think Darrelle Revis is a great player. I also think he’s overrated to the point of absurdity and his semi-annual holdouts are ridiculous.

4) I think the release of the All-22 films this year will spell the death of ProFootballFocus.com. At least I hope so. (See #3 above.) By the way, Game Rewind on NFL.com is one of the best deals in sports. If you don’t want to shell out for the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, Game Rewind is your next best bet. You have access to every game (not live) in both full and condensed versions, in HD, with DVR functionality, and the coaches film for $70 for the entire season.

5) Get your house in order, men of Entercom Boston.

6) I think Tony Massarotti is the biggest embarrassment going in the Boston sports media**. Have an original opinion for once, Tony. Alternating between “You’re absolutely right, Mike,” “I can’t argue that, Mike” and “No question, Mike.” doesn’t exactly make for compelling radio.

7) Wow. Shalise Manza Young’s feature in the Globe Magazine a couple Sundays back was a bit of a headscratcher. (One media person referred to it as the “height of entitlement” – strong statement.) I don’t hear Karen Guregian talking about the hardships of being a woman on the beat, and I certainly didn’t hear a peep from Monique Walker about being an African-American woman on the beat when she was down there almost everyday. I certainly didn’t hear Shalise mention either one of them in the piece.

8) I think I’m tired of being told that I now am required to respect LeBron James. Sorry, he’ll remain a front-running punk who screwed over his home town until I decide on my own to change my mind.

9) Who is Joe Haggerty?***

10) If you’re able to, please support the first annual Justin T. Harris Memorial Golf Tournament, and help raise money for the education of two small children who lost their dad, way too young.


Still grinding my own beans and using the french press instead of paying $6 for a quasi-coffee beverage with 600+ calories.


The hops vine out back is growing well, hope to do some experimenting later this fall. No citrus will be involved.

Annoying Travel Note of the Week

Lost three lug-nuts off my front tire this week. Scary. Who was it that “repaired” that tire a couple weeks back?

*Interestingly, I actually get calls and emails (on my personal email) intended for the Redskins GM, from people in the business. Some are pitching scouting services, others computer programs.

**I know I’m repeating myself here, but this is for a national MMQB column, remember?

***Yes Joe, I know who you are, this is a joke about your big-time “if anyone knew who U were” comment to Kirk Minihane.