Red Sox lose second straight to Orioles

The Orioles scored five times in the fifth inning, the only inning in which they scored runs all night, which was good enough for a 5-3 win over the Red Sox Wednesday night. The Red Sox are now four games under .500 for the first time since May 13. Starter Aaron Cook oddly enough had a no-hitter with one out in that fifth inning until the wheels fell apart. The big blow came on a double-play ball to end the inning, in which Cook threw the ball into center field allowing the flood gates to open.

Adrian Gonzalez and manager Bobby Valentine were both ejected in the eighth inning. It all started when Gonzalez was upset with a quick-pitch when he was at the plate and then grounded out. Valentine was ejected right after when he went out to defend Gonzalez. It seems nothing can go right for the Red Sox, both on and off the field.

On Wednesday John Henry sent another email to media outlets, this time regarding the meeting that occurred in New York late last month. He insisted the players did not want to get Valentine fired, and these meetings have taken place for a number of years now, just this was the first to get leaked. Here is an except:

First of all for more than a decade we have had a code among players, staff and ownership that our meetings are private and do not leave the room. There is one reason for that. It enables all of us to openly discuss important issues. For more than a decade not one person in any of those meetings has gone to the media with private information. Over the decade we have made great strides as a result of these meetings in a number of ways including improvement in training facilities, protocols, safety, resources, travel issues, clubhouse issues and trust within a cooperative framework. But more than anything else these meetings have been about the same thing the meeting in New York was about — what it takes to win — what can we all do to improve our ability to win?

I think Henry needs to do something more than just sending an email at this point, don’t you think?

David Ortiz feeling better, but still idle– Michael Vega has David Ortiz not knowing when he will be able to return to the lineup.

It’s time to call it quits, Sox aren’t worth our attention– John Tomase says fans should start focusing their attention on 2013 as this season appears to be all but over.

Bobby V’s Sox on wobbly legs– Gordon Edes looks at how this season might have an affect on next season. He mentions free agents and if they would want to even come to Boston.

Who’s to blame in this latest Red Sox fiasco– Tim Britton says that the blame can go to almost everyone in the entire organization.

Adrian Gonzalez refutes claim in report– Rob Bradford exclusively gets Adrian Gonzalez’s take on the Yahoo! Sports report.

Matsuzaka: ‘I’m ready to make the next step’– Maureen Mullen has Daisuke Matsuzaka’s comments following his latest outing in Pawtucket. He feels he is ready to return.

The Patriots continued their week-long grind at Gillette Stadium with their fourth straight day of practice. They will host the Eagles at Gillette Monday night.

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I sometimes wonder if David Ortiz is legitimately delusional.

— Kirk Minihane, 5/22/2012,
  • HighWireNickEsasky

    Larry Lucchino complaining about media leaks is like the Vatican criticizing Penn St for mishandling sex abuse cases.

    • bsmfan


  • latetodinner

    My 14 year old daughter and I were out this morning and we listened to the Larry Lucchino interview on D&C (WEEI). She had no idea who he was as she is not really a big baseball fan. By the middle of the interview when Larry was falling all over himself to explain that Bobby V was a collaborative decision and not solely his idea she turned to me and said ‘Why won’t this guy answer the question directly”. I think that sums up most of the feelings Red Sox fans have about the organization as a whole…why won’t they directly and honestly answer a question?

    • Uncle Jerry

      She should have asked “Why are you making me listen to sports radio?”

      • latetodinner

        She did :-). She wants rides to friends houses…she suffers.

    • Winning_Again

      Everytime I happen to hear Larry Lucchino on the radio, it always sounds like he’s whispering his responses from either under his desk, or from a closet. All I can picture is George Costanza napping under his desk with Steinbrenner sitting their waiting for him.

      • Bruce Allen

        Everytime I hear Larry Lucchino on the radio, I instinctively reach for my wallet, just to make sure its still there.

        • Winning_Again

          Crap! I just realized it disappeared this morning.

  • ben

    I don’t see why Henry and Lucchino believe that a good communications strategy is focusing their comments on the leaker/leaking. The public, who i have to assume is their audience for these responses, is not going to get up in arms about that part of this.

  • john

    Adrian Gonzalez?

    • john

      Why would Seattle take on his contract? The whole point of trading a guy like Hernandez is to collect prospects and to allocate the money you were paying the traded player into multiple players. Taking Gonzalez doesn’t help them do that.

      • Rick Mc

        Seattle would take it in a heartbeat, take all the prospects and the cheap Buchholz and flip Gonzalez.

        • john

          Flip Gonzalez to who? Anybody who can afford him already has a first baseman

        • Rick Mc

          The Dodgers for one. The Mets. The Marlins if they decide to go for it again.

      • john

        So you expect Seattle to trade probably the most valuable trade chip in the league for a package that includes a first baseman that makes more than him to play in a park that you are hinting to yourself is not a good hitters park? That makes no sense. They could just use the money they are saving from trading Hernandez on 3-4 different players. Gonzalez isn’t worth it to them. One guy isn’t going to revamp their lineup.

    • Winning_Again

      Yeah thats brilliant. Just what Seattle needs, a massive contract from Adrian Gonzalez

      • john

        You mean you don’t think Seattle would trade the best pitcher in baseball for a first basemen who makes more than him and who can’t hit
        25 home runs?

        • Rick Mc

          How about an all-star 1B, a good to very good starting pitcher and three of the Red Sox top prospects? That is an absurd overpay for two years of Felix.

        • john

          Sounds good. Who is the all star first basemen?

  • Rick Mc

    That is the, by far, single dumbest thing you have written. You have no clue what the market for Felix is.

    • bsmfan

      Their GM, right after the perfect game yesterday, intentionally told all the reporters waiting in the lobby that he was not available for trade. Buster, and other national reporters, have reported for years that NYY and other big clubs have been after him like no tomorrow. I can’t see him being traded anywhere, despite how bad they are.

  • bsmfan

    I assume he’s (Sherman) is using some cache gained by his July 31 column here, but also the NY experience. He’s recommending Tek as captain (parallels it to Binder Joe, since he was a catcher)