Did Kevin Winter Step Down, Or Was He Fired?

Early this afternoon, Chad Finn reported that Kevin Winter had been called into Jason Wolfe’s office this morning and then fired from his position as morning flash guy for The Dennis and Callahan Show.

Kevin Winter out at WEEI

Around the same time, I had heard the same thing – Winter had been fired.

Shortly after Finn published his post, WEEI released a statement on the matter:

WEEI today announced that effective immediately, Kevin Winter has stepped down from his position on the Dennis and Callahan Morning Show. Winter, who was working exclusively for ESPN Radio before being hired in early December, said “I appreciated the opportunity to join WEEI, but my time commitments at ESPN Radio were just too consuming for me to continue in both roles. I wish John and Gerry and the entire team the best going forward.”

Jason Wolfe, Vice-President of Programming and Operations for Entercom Boston, said, “I respect Kevin’s decision and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

There will be no further comment or follow up as it relates to a replacement at this time.

These are some tumultuous times over at WEEI. Focus groups are being convened, flash guys fired/stepping down, and there are rumors about show changes on a daily basis.

It’s going to be interesting to see how things shake out over these in the coming months.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.henry.9250 Robert Henry

    I wish Meter was still there. Pete Shepherd would be my next choice.

    • Bullock

      Never thought I’d hear the day when someone with all their faculties would actually type those letters in succession — “I wish Meter was still there.”

      • DrakeW

        Who says he has all his faculties?

    • JonFrum

      WEEI’s problem is that they stick with old names, rather than dumping them and going with new blood. There is always someone somewhere who likes the old guys, but when you stick with them on that basis, they take you down with them. Do people actually tune in EEI to hear Ordway say the same things he’s been saying for the last decades over and over? Joe from Everett might, but most potential listeners have tunes him out long ago.

  • APNDaveR

    In today’s world, the resignation story is a face saver for the fired employee. It’s so you can legitimately and accurately leave “fired from job” off your resume. I should know… it’s happened to me twice. And I’ve never been “called into the office” over a resignation, nor have I heard anyone else — that’s only when they want you gone. Resignations are either hostile (“I’m resigning to take half your clients to a competitor”), in which case you’re usually told to stay the hell away, or friendly, when you give advanced notice and transition out.

    tl;dr: He got fired.

    • O’Malley

      Are you saying that the Pope was fired, and did not really resign?

    • Dave Gugliotta

      I think the proper term is “we need to go in another direction.”

  • Ted Sarandis

    As much as I hate to defend J. Wolfe, Winter was not good. He tried a little too hard to fit in and it was painful to listen to him try and banter. He rightfully belongs on overnights.

    • Rick Mc

      He was a good fit with Felger when Felger wasn’t doing the “look at me, how much of an jerk can I be” act.

  • Thehey

    Part of the problem with the hire in the first place is that it seems that D&C have full control over who they would work with and they decided that Kevin Winter wasn’t as good a suck up as Meter was so they didn’t banter with him in the “right way” so out he went.

    When is D&C’s contract up?

    • Brianwaterslocker

      Whoops, responded to wrong post. Damn mobile phone

  • MintyMint

    The Bruins are off to their best start in Franchise history. The Celtics just lost Leandro Barbosa for the season and the Red Sox started spring training. Yet this morning John and Gerry are talking endlessly about Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky.

    • Brianwaterslocker

      And the arrogant Patriots can’t wait to get rid of Welker.

  • jake

    so who did the flash on EEi this morning? I listened for a bit and didn’t hear one

    • Brianwaterslocker

      John Chandler was doing them at some point.

  • JoltinJo

    D&C are the ones who should be fired!! Talk about getting long in the tooth. WEEI better get their heads out the sand and start hiring new talent with some fresh perspectives. Just listen to Callahan for a while and you want to slit your wrists!!

  • forrest

    How convienent that he “resigned” just before D&C headed to Ft. Myers. They probably didn’t buy him a ticket anyway.

  • Mike

    Wow, boston.com reporting that Ordway is out as well, replaced by Mike Salk

  • forrest

    Well, the morning flash is open for Ordway now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthrocoon Bob Nelson

    We’re wondering when Dennis/Callahan contract is to be up; Herald article in Sep of 07 said 5 years and BSMW “It’s time to say goodbye to D&C” said they got extensions when NESN simulcast deal started… Globe article on big show change: http://www.boston.com/sports/touching_all_the_bases/2013/02/sources_weei_to_replace_glenn.html

  • BostonSteve

    I thought Winter’s was doing as good as anyone could with those two donkies. D&C seem to think they are the gods of sports analysis. Guys, you’re discussing games, the same games that children play, that in the end mean absolutley nothing.

  • joe

    What is up with John Dennis? His reaction to 98.5 is bizarre.