Mid-Week Thoughts On Media Topics

I realize I’ve been a bit scarce around these parts in recent weeks, and there has been a lot going on. Here are a few thoughts and observations from around the Boston sports media world.

I applaud the role Tom E Curran has apparently taken in deciding to call out some of the more ridiculous statements, storylines and agendas from radio talk show hosts, columnists and even his fellow writers. It’s not always easy to swim against the current, and it’s refreshing to have someone not just parroting and agreeing with what everyone is saying.

Mike Reiss is way too classy. He actually thanked Felger and Mazz in his Sunday notes a week ago this past Sunday, for letting him come on their show and basically call him a liar and a team mouthpiece over the Wes Welker situation. Reiss, I thought had done a very thorough job in covering all angles, placing blame on both parties in the situation, and yet Felger and Mazz still accused him of being in the bag for the team for even partly attributing blame to the agents, because, as we know, agents are infallible. Just ask the Broncos and Elvis Dumervil.

What’s worse, in my opinion, are media types who are nothing but mouthpieces for the agents. While using agents as sources and cultivating relationships with them is a necessary part of the reporting job, to just accept what they say at face value and print/report it as irrefutable fact is dangerous. Unfortunately, I think we have some reporters in all sports who are way too much in the control of agents.

Mentioned before but the continued dominance of pedophilia, illicit gay sex, masturbation, cross-dressing, sperm donations and transgender talk by John Dennis on the WEEI morning show is just weird. This is what they’ve decided their audience is craving? The Buzz Bissinger story and their fascination with it is just the latest example. While Toucher and Rich made fun of Bissinger and his proclivities, D&C painfully examined and dwelt on the details with an almost audible relish in their voices.

All Red Sox talk lately seems to center around Jackie Bradley Jr. Only the Boston sports media can make the anticipation of a highly touted prospect potentially  taking the next step in his career into a dragged-out, highly fraught, tiresome, annoying discussion.

So I guess all that talk about how the Celtics are better off without Rajon Rondo has pretty much died out, huh?

I’m not going to rush into judgment on the new Salk and Holley show, I like some of what I’ve heard from the duo, and other stuff not as much. Salk made the statement last week about Welker dropping the “easiest catch of all time” in the Super Bowl, and a few other head-scratching comments. At least one staffer at the station isn’t impressed with Salk, saying that he’s come in with a huge sense of entitlement and is causing waves behind the scenes, but then again, the entire atmosphere around WEEI remains toxic. It’s a mess back there.

I’d like to send out congratulations to Jeremy Gottlieb, who has done a lot of writing for various sites I’ve managed over the years, including Patriots Daily for his new job with Regan Communications.

Bird’s Rookie Year — Game 79 vs. the Bullets

Celtics (58-20) vs. Washington (37-41)
March 25, 1980
Capital Centre

The Celtics inched closer to a 60-win season with a one-point victory, 96-95, over the Bullets in the nation’s capital to secure the team’s 59th victory.

Larry Bird

After dropping the previous meeting with the Bullets, the Celtics exacted some revenge in the final meeting of the season for the two teams.  Pete Maravich capped off the Celtics’ victory with a fourth-chance three-pointer for the winning basket.  The Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan detailed the winning sequence:

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Combine Snubs Who Showed ’Em, Part II

As we mentioned in Part I, kudos to Gil Brandt and his pro day blog on NFL.com. A very entertaining read.

Below, we cite some more players who lacked invitations to the combine but whose performances would have fit right in at Indianapolis. For a rundown of each drill’s specific requirements, take a gander at the NFL.com combine workouts page.

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