TiqIQ’s Red Sox Playoff Ticket Preview

Of all the teams that have a playoff position locked in, the Red Sox have the most expensive average ticket price on the secondary market. They also have the highest premium compared to their regular season average of any team in the playoffs. The 270% premium is ahead of both the Dodgers and Pirates, and an indication for how excited Red Sox fans are for an October run.

If you’re looking to catch some of the action without breaking the bank, the LDS is definitely your best bet. The current average price for Red Sox tickets at Fenway for the LDS is $373, which is almost $200 more than the next highest team, the Dodgers.  Dodgers tickets have an average price $182, which is the highest price for any non wild-card team in the NL.  Pirates tickets have an average price of $184, but they’d first have to win a wild card game to play any of those.

At an average price of $329, game two for the Red Sox LDS is currently the cheapest game of the series and has a get-in price of $76. Game one has a slightly higher get-in price at $80.  If the series were to go to five games, the average price goes up to $397 and the get-in is $90. If you want to take a peek ahead, the average price for the ALCS is $841 with a get-in around $200. Currently, the average price for World Series Tickets at Fenway is $1,442, with a get-in price around $550.

Right now, Vegas has the Red Sox and the Dodgers as their favorites to make it to the fall classic. It would be a series for the ages, and it would also definitely increase prices from where they are today, making a $500 ticket harder to come by in mid October. You can check out all the XLDS series averages and premiums for all the teams that have already clinched a playoff position.

Team XLDS Avg. Reg Season Avg XLDS Premium
Reds $144.40 $45.00 220.89%
Pirates $184.32 $51.00 261.41%
Braves $115.46 $52.00 122.04%
Cardinals $131.55 $57.72 127.91%
Dodgers $182.53 $53.61 240.48%
NL Avg $151.65 $51.87 192.39%
Red Sox $373.18 $100.60 270.95%
Tigers $145.91 $60.79 140.02%
A’s $173.46 $55.00 215.38%
AL Avg $230.85 $72.13 220.05%

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