Red Sox Look To Bring It Home To Fenway

I’m not one to launch into poetic waxing and waning about the romanticism of baseball, and what it symbolizes to so many. This team has exceeded our wildest expectations no matter what happens over the next two nights. They’ve made fools out of so many who predicted another gloomy season at Fenway Park.

I keep hearing the WEEI promos about “The Road to Redemption,” but they’ve already redeemed themselves. They’ve reached the destination.

Tonight, they can win the World Series at home. If they don’t get it done tonight, they get to try again tomorrow night. A player who was so reviled over the last two seasons, to the point that he really was the poster boy for everything bad about the franchise can be the winning pitcher in the clinching game of the World Series.


Equally amazing to me is what I hear on the radio. In the times I’ve randomly tuned in, these have been the topics I’ve heard, across all shows and stations, from hosts and callers:

  • Is Jon Lester really an ace? Are the Red Sox going to overpay him and have him then become a fat stiff like Josh Beckett?
  • Jacoby Ellsbury is in his last days as a Red Sox player, but that’s OK because he doesn’t really seem to fit here.
  • Can they re-sign Mike Napoli? Or did the club’s hard-line stance in breaking their original three-year offer to him and instead signing him up for only one year embitter him towards management? Who is going to play first base next season???
  • John Farrell has no clue what he is doing! Why Breslow? His pinch-hitting makes no sense! He’s over his head!
  • Xander Bogaerts has hit a rookie wall. He’s not impressive at all. They need to get Middlebrooks back in there. He’s due for a DINGAH!!

The print stories – you can find them at – are considerably more upbeat. Except for Shaughnessy, of course, who can’t let a game six go by without a Bill Buckner revisit. Pro Tip – let the boys at Dan Shaughnessy Watch take care of him.


The Celtics have their season opener tonight in Toronto. It’s quite different from every opening night we’ve seen since 2007, or even 1999 when Paul Pierce first showed up. Expectations are at a rock-bottom, with many openly rooting for them to lose as many games as possible. Because that worked out so well the last two times the Celtics tried for the first overall pick.

Three things to check out on the Celtics:

Baxter Holmes’ three part series on new coach Brad Stevens is worth the read:




Also, this feature on Danny Ainge from Paul Flannery in Boston Magazine is outstanding:

Back to the Drawing Board

Finally, from Grantland: Brooklyn and Boston: After the Trade

Forethoughts On Four Games: Third Quarter 2013

Bruce is out today. Check for all the coverage of the Red Sox 3-1 win in game five of the World Series last night. The Sox  now have a chance to close out the Series tomorrow night at Fenway Park. 

Well, the past month sure has had its interesting moments.

After a punch-in-the-head experience at Cincinnati resulting in their first loss, the Pats rebounded with a full 60-minute effort vs. New Orleans, scoring the winning touchdown with only five seconds on the clock. A painful, car-crash-in-slow-motion overtime loss at New York brought the Jets within one game in the standings. After spotting Miami a 17-3 lead at home, the Patriots rode a second-half resurgence to go 2-2 this month and 6-2 on the year, good enough for a two-game lead within the division after the Jets’ loss to the Bengals.

Despite the .750 record, fans have cited many reasons for trepidation. One, injuries: New England currently has as many Hurts as a 1980s film festival. With Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo on season-ending IR, the Patriots’ front seven has looked more like a front 5.5. Two, offense: or lack of it. Quarterback Tom Brady has worked hard just to look mediocre in the first half of this season. [Read more…]