Bruins Round Two Ticket Prices Fetching Highest Prices

This interesting little infographic shows that the Bruins have the highest average ticket prices in the league for the second round of the playoffs. The average price for a Bruins ticket has doubled over what they were for the first round.

It also shows that they have the best Vegas odds at this points as well.

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I think the Celtics are real and they are a threat and I hate it…

— Michael Felger, 98.5 The Sports Hub, During 2012 NBA Playoffs
  • Max

    So, where do we start with the problems here?

    1.) Bruins Discount is 41.43% under Face (on Face Price Premium/Discount Tab). Uh, didn’t you just say they were fetching the highest prices and then you show that they are selling at a 41% discount?

    2.) The “Vegas Odds” add up to ~140%. You can’t just divide the two numbers on the Vegas Odds fellas! A 9/4 favorite does not translate to a 44.44% chance to win…

    3.) I log on to their site and click on “Lower Goal” for Home Game 4 for the Bruins and they have tickets in section 17 row 1. Right on the glass! And they’re cheaper than any other lower goal ticket! ….False. The tickets are actually PROMENADE S17 (which is what the actual ticket listing web site CORRECTLY attributes the tickets). That’s level 9…the polar opposite of the lower goal. Some unsuspecting buyer is in for a rude surprise if they buy their tickets through TiqIQ….

  • TiqIQ

    Hey Max, for point 1, the Bruins ARE the most expensive ticket on the secondary market, however with tickets from team starting at $221, there’s a large amount of tickets available below face price.

    We know the Odds dont add up to 100%, just wanted to show a visual representation of each team’s odds while keeping the bar graph

    The listing you mentioned before has been removed. If you notice any others not linking correctly or have any other questions feel free to tweet us @tiqiq