Video: What Just Happened?

My one caveat on this video, is that the one “fact” isn’t even fully confirmed. The original Chris Mortensen report looks shakier every day.

  • Tony time

    That clip is the best and thoughtful thing a have seen since the Pats Colts game.. Good job to who ever did it. I doubt I’ll see it on tv

  • mediablowhards

    Good read

    This article is about the Patriots hiring Jack Easterby away from the Chiefs and what his impact has been on various NFL players. He serves as a “Character coach”.

    Money line:

    after the Pats missed a fourth-and-inches in a blowout win, Belichick griped to the players, “Fourth and the size of my d— and we can’t get the first down?”

    BB is the best…

  • latetodinner

    To recap because I think we need to recap on a regular basis, here is where we are going into the SB this weekend:

    On Deflategate Dean Blandino has pretty much admitted that the NFL did not record the pre game pressure readings for either the Pats or Colts balls. All we know is Walt Anderson certified the balls (either with a gauge or by squeezing) and that there is no witness to how he did it. We know that a Pats employee disappeared with the balls into a bathroom for 90 seconds where it is alleged something nefarious happened…although whatever that nefarious thing was it did not effect the game at all as the Pats destroyed Indy by 35 points. We also know that Bob Kraft threw down the gauntlet on the NFL and sided with his guys firmly..we speculate he did this because he knows there is nothing to the story.

    In the meantime we learned the following other things:

    – In Denver Mike Shannahan had an illegal speaker system wired into OL and RB head sets during the two Super Bowl wins by Elway.
    – That Early Thomas is complaining to any and all that it is unfair that he has to take an HGH test after he miraculously recovered from a pretty severe back injury and bragged about said recovery. This coming on the heals of 10 Seattle players being linked to PEDs last year and Pete Carroll having a history of cheating (see USC) following him where he has gone.
    – We learned that ex-players are so jealous of the Pats success that they want the penalty for deflate gate to be more severe than it was for bounty gate. Which also means we learned a good deal of the football media has no concept of proportionality.
    – Seattle has a DB who does not think Gronk is a very good TE. And so it begins.
    – Lastly , we had it reiterated that Roger Goodell is far and away the worst Football Commissioner ever and is in line with Bud Selig to be the worst Commissioner of any sport.

    If I missed anything please add it to my list.

    • mediablowhards

      The Pats ‘conspired’ to sheppard Blount through the waivers process, as only they can.

      • latetodinner

        Good one…forgot about that and I only made 10 posts on a thread about it yesterday. I am old and white and a male!

    • Tony C

      LTD, I’m sure you know that the “well, everybody does it” excuse is perfectly acceptable to use when explaining away Carroll’s proven transgressions at USC (emphasis on the proven). It’s probably why we NEVER hear about it anymore, and have hardly even heard a peep about it since he left the Men of Troy is such a God-awful mess to flee back to the NFL after the 2009 season. Said excuse is only not acceptable when Pats fans try to excuse the team’s alleged nefarious behavior (emphasis on the alleged).

  • smack_libs_around

    As an aside, I am quite shocked to see how many of the national sports prognosticators are choosing the Patriots to win this game. The ‘Experts’ over on ESPN, for example, are HEAVILY skewed toward New England. Over at it is more balanced, but still in favor of our ‘Cheaters.’

  • bsmfan

    My kids won’t learn science from antiquated stuff like Mr. Wizard or anything else. 140-in-1 science kits? Outdated garbage.

    Instead, I will require that every sports scandal and murder case that was decided by forensics will be their teaching guide.

    We will learn about DNA from the OJ case.
    We will learn about air pressure and temperature thanks to Ballgazi.
    We will learn about the physics of firearms via the Aaron Hernandez case.

    Learning can be fun!

  • bsmfan

    I’m not in PR and not really a fan of it, but it seems like every Goodell presser is becoming teaching tape for what NOT to do. At least the mouthpieces who run Whitehouse Pressers are trained well in the art of bull-hitting.

  • bsmfan

    Gotta get the Redzone-style breakdown of Goodell’s presser!

  • Snuffy Smith

    Deflategate is over. All the usual suspects have been rounded up…

    • Jmarsh4036

      I knew Sully from Rozie had a hand in this.

  • mediablowhards

    “​Horrigan recounts how (Paul) Brown was approached by a couple of inventors in Cleveland who told him they could put a radio receiver inside the quarterback’s helmet. Brown was all-in.

    “This was at a time when transistor radios were considered really neat,”Horrigan says with a laugh. “And these guys had a radio receiver they wanted to show Brown. The coach listened, which was probably more than the rest of the sporting world would’ve done.”

    The inventors built a prototype for Browns quarterback George Ratterman, then went to testing.

    “One day, the inventors wanted see what the range was for the device,” Horrigansays. “So one of the two inventors got into his car and started heading off in one direction while the other stayed at the home base. The receiver started picking up police calls. And the policemen were picking up the inventor’s calls. So, ultimately, a strange guy in a football helmet got pulled over. When he explained what he was doing for the Browns, he asked the cop to keep the secret.”

    So secretive was the coach about the project that, when he finally put it to use in preseason games, he would hide on the sidelines as he would call in the play.

    “It took a few games before the team on the other side picked up that something was happening,” Horrigan says. “And finally, around the third game, they were exposed. So the other team, the St. Louis Cardinals, was instructed to smack the helmet around when they had the chance. They didn’t know what was going on, but they knew something was up.”

    Horrigan says that a couple of teams soon tried to come up with their own answers to this system before Bert Bell, the commissioner, declared the devices illegal.”

  • Charlotte Marks

    Glazer on EEI claims it isn’t the media’s fault, it’s the NFL’s fault. CYA in full activation mode.

    Also says the Patriots share some blame because they had press conferences. So remember folks, if you’re ever accused of anything illegal, do NOT defend yourself. It will just mean it’s your fault.

  • Jmarsh4036

    What’s really bugging me is that there was potentially a ball below psi in every game ever played, but no one has measured psi mid-game before. So the Patriots have been branded cheaters for something that could happen in every single game, especially cold weather games. It absurd. PS. I really like the explainer video.