Roger Dodger

When Ben Volin makes you look foolish…

I don’t know how many times I can say this: It’s astounding that Roger Goodell can evade, duck and flat out lie and suffer absolutely zero consequences while preaching INTEGRITY.

Volin of course, is the mental giant who, this morning on WEEI, claimed this whole deflategate scandal has been an effort by the NFL to protect and cover up wrongdoing by Bill Belichick.


He also admits he’d rather cover this deflategate mess than actual football.

BUT…the fact that Goodell steps in front of the microphone, even though he is telling lies and not answering questions, makes him better than Tom Brady according to some.

Oh. My. God.

That’s your Boston Herald sports editor right there.

What is he thinking? It’s better to get up in front of reporters and lie, evade and be condescending than to keep quiet over legal proceedings? What is the “at least” indicating? Bravery? Integrity? Trustworthiness? He’s flat out lying to us but at least he’s talking to us – unlike that Tom Brady snake!

This morning, as this is posted, the NFL and Tom Brady are meeting with Judge Berman in New York.  Some, even around here, are somehow thinking that Brady needs to cut some sort of deal, even if it means he has to sit out a game or two.

Time for Brady to think hard about making a deal – Tom E Curran is among them. I could not disagree more. If Brady believes he is innocent, why in the world would he take anything? The notion that he needs to do it “for the good of the team” just makes zero sense. How is it good for the team to lose him for any games? In terms of distractions, is there any coach in the NFL better at eliminating distractions for team than Bill Belichick?

As Brady-NFL settlement talks begin, unsettling picture continues to emerge on league’s conduct – Dan Wetzel says that Brady should not settle. As he says – Here’s hoping he takes a hard line, takes it to the wall, takes it to federal court and then a civil one via a defamation charge, because no matter where you stand on guilt or innocence, after all these months, we’re finally getting to the real stuff.

We’ll perhaps know a little more today, but don’t hold your breath for a settlement.

Back From The Saco River

Getting back into the swing of things after spending some time camping in the great north woods of the White Mountains and hanging around the Saco river…

Anything happen last week?

Roger Goodell is still a moron?


To mix things up a little and to remember good times from the past, I actually wanted to go over some of the Globe’s Sunday Baseball notes from yesterday. A couple things just slapped me in the face.

One suggestion offered: Would the Red Sox be able to obtain Matt Harvey for Xander Bogaerts?

What? Cafardo argues that this would be “one young superstar for another.” Yeah, lets dump the lone bright spot this season for a guy who hasn’t come back yet is coming back from Tommy John surgery. Sounds great.

David Ortiz is performing well in garbage time after vanishing when it mattered most.

When exactly did things matter the most this season? And man, if there’s one thing David Ortiz is known for, it is for vanishing when things matter the most.

4. Loved listening to Lee Mazzilli stories at Yankee Stadium this week. The former Orioles manager works for the Yankees, but he should be on the field. There are a lot of examples of true baseball men whose jobs have been taken by more analytically oriented, and not necessarily baseball-savvy, people.

5. If he doesn’t become president and the Steinbrenner family ever thought about selling, wouldn’t Donald Trump be the closest thing to George Steinbrenner you’ve ever seen?

Hoo boy. Gotta love references to those “true baseball men.”  Also, the “a lot of examples” – how about naming some of these “more analytically oriented, and not necessarily baseball-savvy, people.” If they’re so bad for the game, shouldn’t the reporter be calling them out.

I don’t even know where to begin on #5.

Alright, back to 24/7 Roger-Goodell-and-the-NFL-are-hopelessly-corrupt talk…

Chris Mortensen Bails On WEEI Appearance

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was scheduled to appear on this morning’s Dennis and Callahan/Minihane show, but cancelled in the wee hours of the morning.

WEEI said that Mortensen sent in the following message:

“You guys made a mistake by drumming up business for the show and how I would address my reporting for the first time, I will not allow WEEI, Kraft or anybody to make me the centerpiece of a story that has been misreported far beyond anything I did in the first 48 hours. Maybe when the lawsuit is settled, in Brady’s favor, I hope, we can revisit. Don’t call.”

Man. Talk about “not a good look.”

After reading the message, John Dennis then reported that a source (Hi Jonathan!) told him that Mike Kensil was Mortensen’s source for the grossly erroneous Tweet the night after the AFCCG.

That’s not really a surprise, but Dennis is the first to actually report that it was definitely Kensil. Tom Curran (and others) had speculated about it, and Curran followed up Dennis’ report with the following:

It’s interesting how certain people are trying to make the claim that since Brady won’t talk about the case, he must be guilty.

Mortensen won’t talk. Has anyone heard from Kensil? How about Jeff Pash? Dave Gardi?

They must be guilty.


Tim Benz signs off at WEEI – Chad Finn with a look at the departure of the mid-day host.

Benz always seemed like a short-timer, never quite fitting in here despite being raised in CT and summering in Maine. His habit of starting every sentence with “Patriots fans aren’t going to like this….” and ending each sentence with “the perception outside of New England is that the Patriots are cheaters due to Spygate” probably didn’t endear him to many either.