Tony Massarotti Is Panicked Over Grady Sizemore, And Other Absurdities

Mike, these people think they’re getting the Grady Sizemore from 2008!!! They’re not, Mike! He’s not the same guy! He’s going to break down!

Welcome to the latest Tony Massarotti idiotic strawman panic argument. Who exactly are these people who are saying Grady Sizemore is going to be an injury-free MVP candidate this season.

Mike, I’m really worried about Tampa! They know how to win in September! The Red Sox don’t!

Mike I’m really worried that the Red Sox woke up the Yankees yesterday! Why’d they do that? It’s over now!

I’m glad Tony has found his calling.


This immediately become my favorite Bill Belichick clip of all time.

It was in response to Ben Volin asking if there was a timetable for Rob Gronkowski’s return.


Can we just rename the Arbella Early Edition  to Arbella #HotSportzTakes?

A sampling their Gary Tanguay-led “content”:

Is CSNNE running a counter of how many days VINCE WILFORK IS BEING HELD HOSTAGE????

Is it that hard for anyone, particularly an NFL “Insider” like Mike Florio to at least point out that the reason Bill Belichick doesn’t pose in the coaches picture is that he isn’t part of the coaches union? Or is it just easier to say it’s part of his responsibilities and that he should do it?

Damn those Red Sox beat writers. Always so positive! They’re practically cheerleaders! They act as if the team just won the World Series! This David Ortiz guy…useless piece of you-know-what…you’d think the guy just batted .688 in that World Series or something.


If you happened to miss it, Gerry Callahan and Kirk Minihane had dueling columns on the Jerry Remy topic.

Rajon Rondo is going to spend the first quarter of Monday night’s Celtics/Bulls game at the broadcast table with Mike Gorman. His goal? He wants to be  just like Tommy Heinsohn. It will be the second game of a back-to-back so the point guard will not be playing, thus his availability for the gig. Cedric Maxwell will do the rest of the game. Danny Ainge and Chris Herren will work with Gorman for the April 9th game against the Hawks and the April 14th game against the Sixers. Herren will work with Gorman on April 12th in Cleveland.

Gerry Callahan: Previous Remy Victims Are Culpable in Death of Jennifer Martel

As you might imagine, yesterday’s front page story in the Boston Globe about the history of Jared Remy is the biggest topic on the radio this morning.

I’ve said this before, but I just don’t see how keeping Jerry Remy on the NESN telecasts is in any way a good idea. Why is he still doing it?

Remy himself has said he doesn’t have a lot of money. Speculation, but based on that article, I’d bet a good chunk of his income over the last decade has gone to Jared’s legal fees.

On WEEI this morning, the ever-sensitive Gerry Callahan actually had the gall to say that Remy’s previous victims were “culpable” in the death of Jennifer Martel. He insisted that despite a history of the court system letting Jared Remy right back out onto the streets, that they should’ve risked their lives and testified against him.

To their credit, Kirk Minihane and John Dennis immediately stepped back from this statement. Callahan though, insisted.  From his twitter feed, he appears proud of his stand, retweeting someone who said he’d never come across worse than today.

I mistakenly tweeted yesterday that Jerry Remy was taking the weekend off and that now we knew why.  I was confused – it was two upcoming games that he’s going to miss – and Remy was in the booth as usual yesterday. I remain amazed that this is the case.

I’m glad that the Globe wrote this story, but it still seems to me that they handled Jerry Remy with kid gloves throughout it. He is not directly indicted for his responsibility in what Jared turned out to be. What it does however, is allow the reader to connect the dots and realize how much he had actually enabled his son by continually bailing him out and paying his legal fees.

Will NESN viewers find Remy’s continued presence distasteful? It seems clear by this point that Remy is not going to leave on his own. He will be on the broadcasts unless he is removed or convinced to resign.

Either way, this is not going to get any more palatable.


Case closed: Red Sox fans not obligated to pay for Jared Remy’s defense – I wish this guy wasn’t nicknamed “Obnoxious Boston Fan” because many times, he’s right on the money. Like today.  Jenny Dell is gone from Red Sox broadcasts for her “transgressions”, but Remy remains?

Is Jerry Remy’s broadcasting career finally over? – Dan Kennedy also weighs in on Remy’s future.

Additionally – Jared’s employment at Fenway Park while mentioned, seems somewhat glossed over in all of this.

He soon materialized as a security guard at Fenway Park, three other guards recalled. Instead of assigning him to crowd control at games, the Red Sox placed Remy on quiet day shifts, signing for packages and checking bags of fans touring the ballpark.

By the time the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series, Remy had amassed 15 criminal cases and at least nine speeding tickets and five accidents, according to state Registry of Motor Vehicles records. Still, that February, he was assigned to escort the new World Series trophy to the Berkshires for an appearance. He got pulled over doing 92 on the Pike, according to RMV records.

After another beating incident, where Jared actually spent 81 days in jail before the prosecutor decided to give him probation on the plea agreement, we read:

When he got out in January 2006, Remy’s Fenway job would be waiting for him. And it would lead him to the woman he is accused of killing.

He worked for at Fenway for two more years:

As he was about to become a father for the second time, Jared Remy got snared in 2008 in a Major League Baseball steroid investigation that would cost him his job. Aggrieved, he spoke at length at the time with the Globe Spotlight Team.

So with the rapsheet he had, and the things he did while employed there, he only lost his job after a steroid probe. Was anyone at with the Red Sox asked for comment about this? Especially considering the Red Sox and the Globe are owned by the same person. (For once, not mentioned in a column.)

What’s Next For WEEI? What Would You Do?

Now that the Mike Salk shoe has dropped, the WEEI reshuffling really can’t be far behind.

Besides Dennis and Callahan, nothing really remains from the glory days of the station when they were a ratings powerhouse. D&C (and Minihane) still trail Toucher and Rich in the ratings, but have posted strong numbers and continue with their claim of being “the most listened to morning show” locally. There probably don’t need to be any changes here, unless you’d consider moving Minihane out to another role on the station.

We’re left with the midday show and the afternoon show to try and improve. (Mikey Adams at night does well competitively with 98.5 – with help from the Red Sox broadcasts – and he has his own unique audience that is going to tune in to him.)

On midday, the Mut and Lou show has been dismal, ratings wise. Prior to their taking over this slot, this had been the only daytime period that WEEI was winning, when Dale Arnold and Michael Holley had the show. Since then, Gresh and Zo on 98.5 have wiped the floor with them in the ratings.

The afternoon show has seen a similar decline since the changes a year ago. During February 2013, Glenn Ordway’s last month with the station, they posted a 5.8. This February the Salk and Holley show only rated a 3.7.

So what, if anything, can WEEI do to not just stop the bleeding, but to begin to reverse fortunes? They’ve certainly cleaned house in the last year, with Ordway, Jason Wolfe, Jeff Brown and Julie Kahn all exiting. In their places are Entercom VP/Market Manager Phil Zachary and WEEI Brand Manager Kevin Graham. They’ve had some time now to evaluate the station and it seems that some moves need to be made soon. But what?

Some have suggested putting the own team of Arnold and Holley back together on middays. That teaming would likely be successful ratings-wise, but Holley now makes too much to be a midday host.

I like Michael Holley, I really do, but what a track record he is building up. Think of the places/shows he’s worked on in the last decade. Boston Globe – sinking. 1510 the Zone – gone, I, Max – cancelled, Dale and Holley – Dale gets demoted, Big Show – Ordway gets fired, Salk and Holley, Salk leaves before he’s fired.

Yes, bringing Dale back would be recycling a host, not exactly a fresh voice, but they tried to bring in a young, fresh voice with Mike Mutnansky. It hasn’t worked. I feel bad for Mutnansky, I really do. He’s worked his way up in the business, paid his dues at small stations, and got this break. Now he’s trying to hang on and doing what he thinks he needs to go to stay in the business with the “worried” storylines, and the other tactics common today. He’s also a new dad, and he likely doesn’t have the resources to fall back on if he loses his job as someone like Merloni would have.

Can they find another young voice around? Matt Perrault has the same job that Mutnansky used to have up here in NH. Do you try him? How about trying to get someone like Marc Bertrand for this show – I don’t think he’s fulltime drive-time host material, but middays could work for him.

It’s been rumored more than once that they could remove the local show altogether from that time slot and just go with ESPN Radio there. That would be raising a serious white flag. They might as well just change the format of 93.7 FM and go back to 850 AM.

How about trying out the crew from Playaction Sports Boston? They know their sports. They’re passionate. They’re entertaining. They currently do shows on Tuesday and Friday evenings. It would definitely be something fresh and something the market hasn’t seen on either one of these sports radio stations. It probably won’t happen, but I’d be in favor of giving it a try. Give them some weekend shows or something, at least.

So we’re back putting Dale Arnold back on the midday show. It might work. He’ll need a co-host. Do you keep Lou Merloni on there? Merloni has tried very hard on his Felger impression. He works in the YOU as often as possible, he still has his DAMN storylines. OK. WEEI won a bidding war with 98.5 for him, so he’s probably making enough money to keep his job safe for now.  I’m also not sure Merloni is long for the station. He might leave or take another job on his own. Then what? Brand Manager Kevin Graham hosted his own show at his last job. Does the Jets fan try himself out in the midday role? Maybe? I’ve never heard him, so I have no idea what his show would be like.

I’m not thrilled with it, but an Arnold/Merloni midday show might be the best WEEI can hope for at this point.

What about the afternoons? I think Holley still stays. He needs the right partner though. I don’t think Michael Smith is walking through that door. They’d be interesting. So does Minihane come over? Would his removal from the now-stable morning show be detrimental there? What other options are there? Tom E Curran would be great, but I don’t want to take him off the Patriots beat, and I suspect he would not want to do radio full-time either.

Does Arnold join Holley in drive time with a rotating third guest, as we’ve had this week? Again, we’re recycling, and while that could stem the tide, I don’t see it reversing things. They need to to go big.

But then again, maybe they’re not interested in competing with 98.5, just putting together a solid show that gets decent, not record, ratings.

Which ever way they want to go, Entercom has some  major decisions coming up.

What do YOU think they should do?

Note: I’ve gotten some comments, tweets, etc accusing me of now saying I love Glenn Ordway and the Big Show after years of HATING them. That would be inaccurate. I always admired and respected Ordway. Their old show did drive me nuts at times, and was getting old with some of the same personalities showing up all the time. I never hated, never quit listening altogether. I was excited at the launch of 98.5 to see if some competition would force WEEI to improve their product. It really didn’t. They went in the tank. Over time, 98.5 became what WEEI used to be, both in ratings and in the attitude of the hosts. In fact, they exceeded what WEEI had ever done, especially in terms of finding the negative storylines to pound, day after day.  In retrospect, I can look back and appreciate the Big Show more now than when it was on, and can be glad that there is a new form of it available for when the other stations start driving me nuts.

Big Show Unfiltered – Just Like Your Father’s Big Show. But Unfiltered.

Glenn Ordway’s much-ballyhooed internet radio project the Big Show Unfiltered launched yesterday, and sounded much like what we heard for so many years on the WEEI airwaves.

Given the current afternoon drive radio environment, that’s not such a bad thing from this corner.

There were some things you didn’t hear on WEEI. Curse words, for one, though Ordway made sure to say that they weren’t going to force it on that issue. Pete Sheppard was the one getting in his curses, mainly directed at former WEEI GM Jeff Brown. They also went after Felger and Mazz by name, and an impression of Massarotti’s negative panic was in the offering.

Technically, things went pretty smooth for the first time out, they had some issues with callers, but for the most part, it was OK on that end. There seemed to be an issue with Steve Buckley’s microphone – he could barely be heard for much of the show, and as we all know, Buck likes to talk, so it was a bit of a struggle at times to hear.

They broke the news that the show will be aired on SiriusXM radio starting next week on channel 108.

They also had no issue making mention of Buckley’s sexual orientation, which was something of a change. The “Just for Men” hair coloring joke in the Whiner Line for one, and Buckley himself making lighthearted reference to “the gay guy.”

The advertisers were familiar as well – Miltons, Ace Ticket, Jon Meterparel did an ad, but I can’t remember what it was for. Ordway was able to bring along these advertisers to his new venture which speaks to his remaining influence in the market.

All in all, it was a familiar-sounding product, and I was glad to have it back. I had no issues getting the show to run on my PC, and later, even on my Blackberry (!) phone which I had hooked up to a Bluetooth connection over my car stereo.

I’ll be interested to monitor this going forward. It could be a great alternative to the incessant Patriots-bashing that goes on over at 98.5 in that timeslot, and we still don’t know what WEEI has planned in terms of a Mike Salk replacement. (Please not Christian Fauria full-time.)


I’m surprised the irony meter has not broken after hearing John “spring water” Dennis talk about Jim Irsay this morning.

We’ve heard a lot about the Red Sox offering dynamic ticket prices. How does that impact them? – Green Monster Dynamic Pricing Could Add $2- $3 Million Of Revenue From Red Sox Tickets

Our favorite storyline is happening for the Boston Bruins right now. Are they peaking too soon???? Are these the same people who were screaming that they didn’t do enough at the trade deadline, and that they let the Canadiens get the player they should’ve gone harder for?

There sure are a whole lot of media and fans drinking the John Elway kool-aid around here.

Dan Shaughnessy has taken “playing stupid on the radio” to levels Tony Massarotti could only dream of. So apparently, other NFL teams are just handing over their best players to Bill Belichick. I thought Belichick was hated around the NFL? Why would they just hand their best players to him. Tampa handed the Patriots Darrelle Revis. Never mind that any team could’ve signed him. This must somehow be related to how the NFL hands the Patriots a tomato can schedule every year (even though the schedule is largely determined years in advance).

Someone on the station (Roche?) also thinks that if Belichick or Kraft can just get Vince Wilfork down in front of a nice dinner all will be well. Sure. Give the fat man some food and he’ll do whatever you say.


God knows I love Bob Ryan, but this paragraph in his Sunday column just blew me away:

I’m serious when I say that a year ago today you and I knew more about the NBA than Brad Stevens did. I’m not talking about actually coaching basketball at something other than a youth level. And I know Stevens says he used to watch more NBA than anyone ever realized. I’m talking about living through years and decades of the actual NBA experience, which has nothing to do with high school, college, or anything else.

What in the world?

Wrapping The Week

As we wind down just another week in Boston sports, here are a couple of links and some thoughts:

What went wrong for Mike Salk at WEEI?

Chad Finn examines why the Massachusetts native just never seemed to fit in after coming back home. He also looks at Brent Musburger being replaced on Saturday Night Football (Moved to the SEC broadcasts.) and the curious experiment by the Red Sox to have the PA Announcer call the strike count after every pitch in a game this week.

Tuning In: Could Carmelo Anthony end up with Boston Celtics?

Bill Doyle talks to Celtics voice Sean Grande, who has his own plan for rebuilding the Celtics, which includes luring Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love.

This week’s NFL free agent frenzy has brought out the best and worst of reporting. As usual, Adam Schefter has been out in front of most major developments, and it seems at times that many reporters are just waiting to take their cue from him.

I’ve seen it a few times now, and I’m a little uncomfortable with media members congratulating players on signing new deals, or encouraging them to “go get theirs” on the market. After the number of lectures we get from the media about how they’re objective, and have no rooting interests in what they cover, just the best story, it seems really odd to me to be out there openly celebrating a player getting big money.

Equally disconcerting to me is how many media members are purely pawns of player agents. I understand that in many cases, agents are about the only source of information as the teams (especially the local one) are not usually that forthcoming with information, but sometimes, it’s just painfully obvious where information is coming from and it has to be viewed accordingly. Last night’s spat over the status of free agent cornerback Brandon Browner was a perfect example. After Ian Rapoport came out with the report that Browner had agreed to a two-year deal with the Patriots, the report was denied with such a vengeance that it was very clear where the denial was coming from – an agent who still wanted leverage in negotiations. That was confirmed later when the same verbiage came directly from the agent.

I realize it’s a tough business with everyone trying to get the scoop and being willing to use whatever sources at their disposal to get information, but when it becomes so clear what sources are being used, it can taint your perception of that reporter and have you wondering what the angle is with each subsequent report.

Our favorite sports editor is sick and tired of this Patriots talk.

Salk Out. Revis In.

Quite the turnaround, eh?

We’ll get to Revis in a sec, but yesterday afternoon, Mike Salk announced what many had believed for some time was a fait accompli – he was leaving WEEI.

Thus ended a year at the station, where he had replaced legendary afternoon host Glenn Ordway (who begins his new radio/internet venture Big Show Unfiltered next week) and never quite fit in or got a hold of his role with the station.

Salk had been hired by the wildly unpopular (internally) Jeff Brown, and given free reign on the show. Brown however, left in September and Salk  likely saw the writing on the wall.

Chad Finn says it seems likely Salk returns to Seattle. I’ve also heard Charlotte as a possibility. Salk says he’ll announce today where he is going.


It will be interesting to see where WEEI goes from here. They’ve got a long way to go to challenge Felger and Massarotti, and although Ordway’s new show likely isn’t going to take large numbers, it’s going to take some.


I’m not sure we’ve seen a bigger turnaround in tone on sports radio than what we’ve seen this week. Yesterday, the Patriots were dead and buried, Belichick was a washed-up clown who should have the GM responsibilities taken from him, and today, after reaching a deal with Darrelle Revis it’s back to “in Bill we Trust.”

Speaking of that. Shaughnessy has his Latin mixed up, apparently. In his dreadful column today (oxymoron, I know.) he inserts E Pluribus Bill.

He apparently thinks E pluribus unum means “In God We Trust.”

No so. It actually means “Out of many, one.” So he’s saying Out of many, Bill?”

Way to go, Shaughnessy.

Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, though some like Lou Merloni wondered why it was only a damn one-year deal – though it has since been reported that the team holds a $20 million option for 2015 it is a two-year deal.  A few callers wonder if the team has blown all its cap space and now will not be able to fill the other glaring holes on the roster.

One thing at a time, people.

BREAKING: Patriots Forfeit 2014 Season

After not signing anyone in the first day of NFL free agency and losing Aqib Talib to the rival Denver Broncos (who beat YOU in the AFCCG) the Patriots officially surrendered the 2014 season.

There is no hope. They’re done. Season over. Thanks for coming.

Hopefully that frees up your Sundays this fall. Plenty of time for raking leaves and shopping. Have fun with that.

Honestly. That contract that Talib got is mind-blowing. I loved having the guy here, injuries and all. But if the Patriots had given him that contract, they would be getting criticized even more than they are now.

It will be interesting to see the guys who have had “concerns” about Talib all along, and what they say now.

Check out all the coverage at

Amongst all the hyperbole and the bellyaching yesterday, it was tough to hear Mike Felger again insinuate that the reporting of Mike Reiss was slanted.

Felger wanted to know where Reiss got his “independent numbers” for yesterday’s column. He somewhat snarkily asked if Reiss had hired Deloitte and Touche to examine the books for him. He then suggested that despite the claims that the numbers did not come from Patriots ownership that in fact they did, and that the entire premise of the article was the Krafts using Reiss and attempting to put the blame on Bill Belichick for the Patriots free agent failures. He even suggested that the choice of photo used with the column (Kraft looking disapprovingly at Belichick) was also chosen for Reiss.

On the lines of the tinfoil hat theories, anyone catch Mike Florio writing this:

Third, perhaps the decision of New England coach Bill Belichick to publicly cry foul about Welker’s hit on Talib was aimed at souring Talib on the possibility of signing with the Broncos.


Enjoy the afternoon. It can only get worse, right?

Free Agency Primer: Avoid Sports Radio

That is all.

NFL free agency starts up this afternoon, but if you heard any of the afternoon show on the Patriots flagship station, you know that FA is already a failure. The owner is cheap, the team would rather sign has-been or injured players on bargain deals, and they are content just making the playoffs instead of “going for it all.”

So what else do you need to know? They seem to have it covered.

Here’s a better idea. Get your information and analysis from people who actually cover the team.

Patriots 2014 free-agent wish list – Tom E Curran addresses the howlers before getting into what the team might actually do.

Patriots have had internal discussions about Revis – Mike Giardi is pretty plugged in down in Foxborough.

Patriots aren’t getting bang for bucks – Mike Reiss says that spending money has NOT been the Patriots problem in FA. It’s spending it wisely.

Proceed with caution: When it comes to free agency, patience key part of process – Christopher Price sagely notes that “winning” free agency doesn’t often translate to in-season success.

Of course, when news comes out, it’s more than likely to be broken nationally first, via either Adam Schefter or Ian Rapoport. Follow them on Twitter, and you’ll probably be ahead of the game.

A fantastic all-in-one option is the Rumor Mill

Mid-Week Notes

The news last week that Glenn Ordway will launch his internet radio program “Big Show Unfiltered” on March 17th was of interest in this corner.

The show website, which can be found at or currently has the press release announcing the new program. There are many familiar names attached to this project. In addition to Ordway, former WEEI program manager Jason Wolfe is involved, and on the Regan Communications PR side, Steve Ciaccio – former producer of the Dennis and Callahan morning show is on the account, and yesterday Pete Sheppard announced that he also (as expected) will be joining the show.

The show will also feature the “Whiner Line” and likely many of Ordway’s old cronies from the WEEI days.

I’m intrigued. There is absolutely an opportunity in the afternoon market, especially among those working in offices and who access streaming audio. I’m a little skeptical about the 3-6pm timeslot. While the show will be accessible via smartphone, I think a large segment of the potential audience will drop off at 5:00pm when they leave for the day.

But overall, I think this venture has a better chance of succeeding than other recent internet radio attempts (Boston Herald radio, I’m looking at you.) simply because of the experience of those putting it together. Ordway has the relationship with many sponsors already, and with Julie Kahn also said to be a part of the project, her sales experience and contacts will benefit them as well.

There is also the name recognition of Ordway, and his ability to bring in high profile guests and to lead a show. His absence in the market has been felt, as the Salk and Holley pairing in the afternoons has not been well-received by audiences, and there is a segment out there who are tiring of the “everything sucks” and “the sky is falling” theme of the Felger and Massarotti show. I hesitate a tiny bit at the promotion of the show as “unfiltered” – I just hope they don’t go too far in that direction.

Ordway’s show will not take significant numbers away from either sports radio station,(Ordway himself admits that in the Chad Finn column linked at the top of this post.) but I believe they will get enough listeners to keep the show going and give it opportunity for growth. If Ordway is successful in getting traditional radio stations in the region to pick up the show, then we’re talking opportunity for real numbers.

I’m looking forward to checking it out and giving it a chance.


Quick Hits

Dan Shaughnessy hates analytics? In other developments, water is wet. Columnists like Shaughnessy hate stats and numbers because it lessens the impact of their own opinions. Their vaunted “eye test” can now be debunked in many cases.

I agree with the column from Ron Borges today. It’s interesting to me that Borges in this case isn’t aiming his venom at Patriots fans, but rather those (or, more to the point, one person) on the sports radio and TV airwaves who believes it’s an easy decision for the Patriots to cut Vince Wilfork. There are plenty of other ways to save cap room besides cutting Vince.

On the other hand, ol Ron was a bit off this morning during a call-in to the Dennis and Callahan and Minihane show when he accused Robert Kraft of not being willing to go all-out to win and that the Patriots have changed the conversation about them from winning Super Bowls to to being competitive. He claimed that in the early 00′s, the Patriots would talk about about how winning Super Bowls was more important than how the Colts would just be aiming for the best record. Now having the best record in better since they’re not winning Super Bowls.

Of course, in their Super Bowl winning seasons the Patriots went 11-5, 14-2 and 14-2 while the Colts went 6-10, 12-4, 12-4 those same seasons. So what was he talking about again?

On the plus side, we also now know that Borges and Steve from Fall River are actually the same person. “Ron” brought up Ty Law and how the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl without him. (Except that one they won when he didn’t play and was injured for the playoffs)

I like Kirk Minihane. He’s willing to go against the conventional media stance and produce an original thought. That said, I was scratching my head Monday morning when he somehow decided that attacking the character of John Wooden was the way to go. Calling him boring, preaching, pious and suggesting that he probably cheated on his wife. That he cheated by allowing boosters to bring him Kareem and Walton. Odd. introduces metered paywall, allowing in casual and new readers – If you’ve been really dying for your Dan Shaughnessy fix, but haven’t wanted to pay for it, you’re in luck. The Globe announced a new paywall system where now you can read 10 articles a month for free.

Russell Wilson isn’t alone: Why NFL linebacker Brandon Magee is in Red Sox camp – Spring Training articles can get tedious after awhile. I liked this one from Alex Speier about the Browns linebacker who is in camp with the Sox.

Catching Up With Some Quick Notes

Several notes from the last few days:

Will John Henry Save the Globe? – Jason Schwartz in Boston Magazine has a feature on the new owner of the Boston Globe. The feature overall is very good, an informative look at the new stewardship of Henry, and his ideas and goals for the paper.

A few points of interest:

One Monday after a Patriots game early in Henry’s reign, the new owner walked into McGrory’s office, sat down, and started thumbing through the Sports section. Why, he asked, weren’t there more ads? Soon after, McGrory and his fellow editors launched a new Patriots recap section called “Score”—with more space for big, eye-catching photos, and hopefully greater appeal to advertisers.

There’s your motivation for the special NFL section. Not to deliver a better experience for the reader with higher quality stories and features. Just more ads.

After Henry bought Liverpool FC in 2010, Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy made a habit in his column of asking whether he was spread too thin to effectively run the Red Sox (in case you’re wondering, McGrory says Shaughnessy has “the safest job in New England”). Now Henry has the Red Sox, Liverpool, and the Globe.

Well gee, I sure am glad that Shaughnessy is assured of future employment. I think that kind of says it all about the Globe and how it feels about sports and it’s readers, don’t you?

The Herald yesterday had a story on Henry looking to sell the Globe’s headquarters and move to a smaller site in the city.

John Henry to sell Globe HQ

Experts have told the Herald that Henry could actually fetch $75 million for the property. He technically paid $38.4 million for the site — which is its assessed tax value — in the $70 million deal with The New York Times.

So the rest of the paper – the “talent”, etc was worth $31.6 million? Consider that the same package was sold for 1 Billion dollars 20 years ago. A Shaughnessy just isn’t worth what it used to be, I guess.

A BSMW reader also made the following observation:

“Technically” accounting rules require that you first assign the purchase price of a business to the identified tangible assets (eg the Morrissey property), and then assign the residual to the intangible assets (eg the trade name, customer lists, workforce, goodwill). In this instance, after assigning $75 million to the property, Henry is left with something quite rare: negative goodwill. Translation – he agreed to takeover a money losing, worthless business in a dying industry in return for a 7% discount on a nice piece of real estate. Assessed value is meaningless.

He went on to point out that you can make the argument that the Boston Globe provides more value to the owner of the Boston Red Sox than it is to any other potential buyer.

In other Globe news, great to see Shaughnessy again today making himself the focus of a story, while saying that no one “hates” David Ortiz in Boston. Shaughnessy and others who say this clearly don’t listen to sports talk radio and some of the things that are said about Ortiz both by hosts and callers.

In a bit of positive news, congrats to Celtics beat man Baxter Holmes.

Holmes has been a great hire for the Globe. He’s done some great work – the three part feature on coach Brad Stevens being one – and more importantly from a reader standpoint, he does it the right way. The focus is on the story, and telling stories, and he’s been very impressive during a tough Celtics season.


’EEI tanks after morning drive – Inside Track has the latest on the WEEI woes. The morning show is lauded despite dropping from 2nd to 4th in its time slot.

Tom Werner says Jenny Dell is free to leave NESN – Chad Finn has the Red Sox saying that Dell is free to seek out other opportunities if she desires.

The other owner: How Mike Gordon has become a key Red Sox figure – If you didn’t check out this feature by Alex Speier on the man who owns more of the Red Sox than anyone not named John Henry, its worth a look.