Salk and Halloran done at ESPN 890

David Scott of Scott’s Shots is reporting that the Mike Salk and Bob Halloran midday show (Noon-2 p.m.) at ESPN 890 has been cancelled, effective immediately. The show, which launched in August will likely be replaced by ESPN national programming. Salk, who was full-time at the station and the show’s producer, Ross Carey (also full-time) have been let go from the station all together. Halloran was part-time. The trio was told of the show’s cancellation at the end of Tuesday’s show.

At the present time, there doesn’t appear to be any further cuts at the station and the only other local programming, the dreadful “Lew and Mike” show is likely to remain. (Giving legitimacy to whispers the show is either a time-buy or a revenue share, likely in conjunction with major station advertiser Kelly Automotive Group, where Lew (Goldstein) is the marketing director) 

The move is an indication that ESPN 890 is stepping further into the abyss realm of what WWZN 1510 AM has become, which is a time-buy based operation augmented by national programming. The question now is, how long will ESPN national allow the Little Station That Can’t to continue sullying the brand name of ESPN. To have such a weak station in one of the nation’s top sports markets does nothing but embarrass the Worldwide Leader, especially as 890 continues to make no perceivable dent whatsoever in WEEI 850 AM’s stranglehold in the region.

Salk, Shots is told, will continue his weekly national work for ESPN Radio in Bristol while he and his newly-hired agent pursue other opportunities for the rising talent who made a name for himself in three and a half years at 890. [DISCLAIMER: Shots had a short-lived Saturday morning show with Salk in 2007 and we have remained professional acquaintances since.]

Carey will also be looking for work, but should have little trouble (economic turmoil notwithstanding) as he has been considered one of the top radio producers ever since  guiding the Mike Felger radio ship at 890.

Two other on-air talents, Kevin Winter (afternoon updates) and Adam Jones (morning updates), appear to be unaffected by the cuts.

One other thing pertaining to 890 – it seems the station’s rumored move out of the Schraffts Building in Charlestown is just that, and the station will remain in its current location. 

Perhaps it will be buried there as well.