Bruins Round Two Ticket Prices Fetching Highest Prices

This interesting little infographic shows that the Bruins have the highest average ticket prices in the league for the second round of the playoffs. The average price for a Bruins ticket has doubled over what they were for the first round.

It also shows that they have the best Vegas odds at this points as well.

TiqIQ – World Series Ticket Prices Trending Down, But Still Really Expensive

The Red Sox are the American League representative in the World Series for the third time in 10 years and will now face off with a familiar foe, the St. Louis Cardinals. The Red Sox punched their World Series ticket by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 in the American League Divisional Series and then the Detroit Tigers 4-2 in the American League Championship Series

Thanks to the American League’s win in the All-Star game Boston will have home field advantage against the Cardinals. Fenway Park will be host to Games 1 and 2, then 6 and 7 if either of those games are necessary. World Series tickets at Fenway are currently averaging $1,619.87 on the secondary market, a 5.05% decrease since the playoffs started, but still a 1,669.13% premium over regular season average for Boston Red Sox tickets. At $1619.87, these are the most expensive World Series tickets we’ve seen in five years of tracking data.

Here’s a breakdown of ticket prices for each World Series game:

Game 1 @ Boston
– Avg Price: $1209.17 | Get-in Price: $364
Game 2 @ Boston – Avg Price: $1291.79 | Get-in Price: $340
Game 3 @ St. Louis – Avg Price: $1020.03 | Get-in Price: $339
Game 4 @ St. Louis – Avg Price: $940.02 | Get-in Price: $314
Game 5 @ St. Louis – Avg Price: $913.85 | Get-in Price: $267
Game 6 @ Boston – Avg Price: $1741.79| Get-in Price: $481
Game 7 @ Boston – Avg Price: $1839.85 | Get-in Price: $574

World Series tickets at Fenway have been trending downward despite the Sox pennant-clinching win on Saturday. Since the playoffs began, prices are down 5.05%, and 5.76% in the last week.

From TiqIQ – Impact of Red Sox Playoffs on Bruins Tickets

Red Sox Driving Down Ticket Prices For Bruins Home Opener

It’s rare to see any correlation between baseball and hockey tickets. However, with the Red Sox opening their 2013 division series tomorrow afternoon at Fenway Park and Bruins ticket prices for Thursday night’s opener down 31%, this may be one of those rare times. It appears that fans in Boston have decided they would rather spend their money on Red Sox tickets and catch tonight’s Bruins game on the tube. With the Sox being the owners of the league’s best record and making their first playoff appearance in four years, we can’t really blame them. To put things in a little perspective, last year, Bruins tickets their home opener against the Rangers averaged over $250 a seat, which is more than double the current $115 price for tonight’s opener against the Lightning. In fact, this isn’t just the case for the opener. Prices for their game on Saturday against the Red Wings are also down, falling 28% in the last week. For fans looking to head out to TD tonight and Saturday this is good news since there are now plenty of great deals available for both games.

TiqIQ’s Red Sox Playoff Ticket Preview

Of all the teams that have a playoff position locked in, the Red Sox have the most expensive average ticket price on the secondary market. They also have the highest premium compared to their regular season average of any team in the playoffs. The 270% premium is ahead of both the Dodgers and Pirates, and an indication for how excited Red Sox fans are for an October run.

If you’re looking to catch some of the action without breaking the bank, the LDS is definitely your best bet. The current average price for Red Sox tickets at Fenway for the LDS is $373, which is almost $200 more than the next highest team, the Dodgers.  Dodgers tickets have an average price $182, which is the highest price for any non wild-card team in the NL.  Pirates tickets have an average price of $184, but they’d first have to win a wild card game to play any of those.

At an average price of $329, game two for the Red Sox LDS is currently the cheapest game of the series and has a get-in price of $76. Game one has a slightly higher get-in price at $80.  If the series were to go to five games, the average price goes up to $397 and the get-in is $90. If you want to take a peek ahead, the average price for the ALCS is $841 with a get-in around $200. Currently, the average price for World Series Tickets at Fenway is $1,442, with a get-in price around $550.

Right now, Vegas has the Red Sox and the Dodgers as their favorites to make it to the fall classic. It would be a series for the ages, and it would also definitely increase prices from where they are today, making a $500 ticket harder to come by in mid October. You can check out all the XLDS series averages and premiums for all the teams that have already clinched a playoff position.

Team XLDS Avg. Reg Season Avg XLDS Premium
Reds $144.40 $45.00 220.89%
Pirates $184.32 $51.00 261.41%
Braves $115.46 $52.00 122.04%
Cardinals $131.55 $57.72 127.91%
Dodgers $182.53 $53.61 240.48%
NL Avg $151.65 $51.87 192.39%
Red Sox $373.18 $100.60 270.95%
Tigers $145.91 $60.79 140.02%
A’s $173.46 $55.00 215.38%
AL Avg $230.85 $72.13 220.05%

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SPONSORED POST – Red Sox/Yankees Ticket Availability This Weekend

With the All-Star Break coming to a close, the Red Sox will host the New York Yankees this weekend to start off the 2nd half of the regular season. Red Sox tickets will be a tough grab, as the series average currently sits at $207 per ticket. This average price is almost $100 more than the Sox’s home average this season.

Demand for Red Sox vs. Yankees tickets is always high but this weekend’s hefty prices are mainly due to the Red Sox and Yankees place in the standings. The AL East is a tight race as usual, and the first place Red Sox are back to their usual sellouts after having their Fenway streak ended at the beginning of the season. The rivalry’s ticket prices were lower in the first few meetings most likely because the Red Sox and Yankees were not projected to finish at or near the top of the division. However, the Red Sox has responded well to new manager John Farrell’s philosophy and have held first place for much of the season. The Yankees come into this series trailing the Sox by six games, partially due to rash of injuries that have plagued the team throughout the season.

In Boston, fans have a lot of excitement in the direction of the team and would love to grab a great seat for a game versus a heated rival. The All-Star Break also creates buildup for the series and has Bostonians thinking more about flocking to Fenway this weekend.

Along with the fans, the networks have also picked up on the demand for this series, as all three games will be on national television. MLB Network has the Friday game, while FOX will air the Saturday afternoon game in regional areas. The weekend wraps up with a primetime game on ESPN featuring star pitchers Jon Lester and C.C. Sabathia.

Saturday’s game will be the toughest, or at least the most expensive ticket in town with a Get-In price of $70, compared to Friday’s and Sunday’s of $45 and $42, respectively. Saturday games tend to yield the highest prices because of convenience to fans, especially in this case with the Sunday meeting set for a late 8 P.M. first pitch. The Yankees have continued to set the bar high on the road, with Yankees tickets averaging $123 per seat. However, this series will be 69% more expensive than the average road price with the immense interest for this series. With attractive pitching matchups and an intriguing race in the division, ticket prices reflect the Red Sox vs. Yankees rivalry should be on full display this weekend at Fenway.