Bruce Allen is the founder and publisher of Boston Sports Media Watch. He founded the site in April 2002 after being frustrated at the state of sports coverage in New England. The site brings together stories from all regional media outlets into one space each morning, and also offers commentary on the coverage and news of sports media in the area.

The site has grown from humble beginnings to a daily destination for sports fans and media people alike. media writer Richard Deitsch named Boston Sports Media Watch one of the best non-corporate sports web sites on the Internet. The site has also been mentioned in the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, The New York Times, USA Today and, as well as many smaller local and regional outlets.

Bruce also co-founded (along with Scott Benson) the website Patriots Daily which offers some in-depth commentary and analysis of the New England Patriots. Patriots Daily was named the best Patriots Blog in a contest by Bruce also hosted and published the Scott’s Shots blog, written by David Scott, which also caught the eye of national sites such as He brought on Ken Fang’s Fangs Bites blog as part of the BSMW roster, as that site has also caught the attention of outlets across the country.

Bruce has written a weekly media column for SB Nation Boston, and a monthly media column for Patriots Football Weekly. He’s done occasional commentary for and has made appearances on radio shows around the country and on TV with New England Cable News. In the past he wrote a Celtics column for Fox Sports New England (Now Comcast SportsNet).

He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and their three sons.