Where’s Larry King’s Arm?

The latest from the LJ Files…

Larrys Cartoon on WEEI.com

Larry's Cartoon on WEEI.com

What Happened To Larrys Arm?

What Happened To Larry's Arm?

LJ Two-Pack

From WEEI.com

From WEEI.com


From Getty Images

From Getty Images


LJs Cartoon on WEEI.com

LJ's "Cartoon" on WEEI.com

LJs Source

LJ's Source

The Tracer is Back…

LJ has been a good boy for quite a while now, with more freehand drawings than usual.

Today though, he must’ve felt he couldn’t do Rasheed Wallace justice.

From Getty Images

From Getty Images


As always, thanks to “Chuck Schick”

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Boston Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee

Boston Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee

The angle of the head is a little off, but perhaps LJ just got a photo a few frames off from this one…or maybe he actually drew Ellsbury’s head. In any event, he made sure to include the fan with the outstretched arms in the background…

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Today’s WEEI.com cartoon:

Last night was a home game, But LJ didn’t bother to replace “Boston” with “Red Sox” on the jersey.

The LJ Files…

There’s a talented Google GIS expert on the BSMW Messageboard that goes by the handle of Chuck Schick. Every day, this guy goes out and finds the original image that WEEI.com cartoonist used as the “inspiration” for his most recent cartoon. (OK, some days it’s not all that hard to do.) Like today’s, for instance:



Yes, we’ve been over this before, but I think we might revisit this more regularly for awhile.