Red Sox Showing Signs Of Life

Winners of seven out of their last ten games, the Red Sox are showing some life here as we approach the last week before the All Star Game.

At 39-45, things aren’t great, they’ve still got major issues with guys like Rick Porcello and Mike Napoli, but slowly, things are improving.

The talks shows must feel good, they’ve been able to bring out all their old material on the Dominican left-fielder named Ramirez, who doesn’t always make the smartest plays in the field or on the basepaths, and can make routine plays an adventure.

While Hanley Ramirez hit a game winning home run in yesterday’s 5-4 win over the Houston Astros, Ramirez also ran into an out at third base early in the game, and served as the DH while David Ortiz played first in place of the struggling Napoli.

Gary Tanguay, who has suddenly become the top fill-in at WEEI despite getting fired from three jobs (Patriots radio, Celtics TV and 98.5 mid-days) in the last few years, spent this morning screaming that Ramirez should’ve been in there at first instead of Ortiz and was being selfish.

So let me get this straight. Ramirez, who has struggled mightily in adapting to a new position in left field, should’ve been put at another position he has never played before. Sounds insane.

By the way, Ramirez is hitting .308/.357/.538 since June 1st.  He’s clearly the problem.

The reemergence of Tanguay is nothing short of baffling to me.


On Friday, Chad Finn gave a rundown of the local sports radio shows, an endeavor I’ve been meaning to do myself recently.

How do Boston’s sports radio shows rate?

I’d say I pretty much agree with him across the board. I’m not a huge fan of the style of Toucher and Rich, but I understand the appeal for many.


CSNNE will broadcast three Celtics summer league games over the next week or so:

Following are the NBA Summer League games available LIVE on Comcast SportsNet and online:

LIVE: Monday, July 6 at 9PM Celtics vs. Utah (in Utah)

Replay: Saturday, July 25th at Noon


LIVE: Thursday, July 9 at 7PM Celtics vs. San Antonio (in Utah)

Replay: Saturday, July 25th at 2PM


LIVE: Thursday, July 14 at 7PM Celtics vs. Miami (in Las Vegas)

Replay: Saturday, July 25th at 4PM


Mind. Blown.

“I have come to appreciate the strength of Roger’s character that causes him to rise higher than the ethics of the current environment that all to often seeks to justify and defend indefensible acts.”

Troy Vincent on Roger Goodell

“Somebody has to protect the integrity of the game,” Vincent said. “That’s my responsibility, to protect and preserve the competitive fairness of professional football. That’s why our game is so great, because we protect the integrity of the game.”

Vincent on his job.


Boston’s Other Sports Stars

Boston’s contributions to sports history are hard to ignore. Names like Bill Russell, Larry Bird, David Ortiz, Bobby Orr, Tom Brady and Ted Williams have set records and made contributions to their respective games that will endure forever; in doing so they have made Boston sports fans some of the most loyal in the world.

The superstars of Boston sports have set the bar for other local competitors incredibly high; yet that does not mean they are undeserving of recognition. [Read more…]