Bob Lobel Back Doing WBZ Sports. In the Morning. On The Radio.

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Lobel To Anchor WBZ Radio’s AM Sports Next Week

Former WBZ-TV sports anchor Bob Lobel will be back in the building next week to take over the morning sports reports on WBZ Radio.

The move is not permanent though, WBZ Radio says. He’ll be on air from Feb. 3 to Feb. 6. “It’s an honor to be able to follow a legend, even if it’s only for a week,” Lobel said.

Lobel’s last newscast on WBZ-TV was on April 29. Lobel was part of the WBZ Team for almost 30 years.

Longtime WBZ Radio sports anchor Gil Santos retired from the early morning sports slot earlier this month. Santos joined the WBZ Radio team back in 1971.

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This is the ultimate dilemma. Of course fans want the Red Sox to win the World Series, but the dilemma is be careful what you wish for because you might get it. And if the Red Sox played the Cubs in the World Series, one of those two franchises will be permanently and forever altered. One of them will never be the same. So remember, while winning is the ultimate goal. If you’re a Sox fan or a Cubs fan, it carries a steep price tag. Life will never be the same.

— Bob Lobel, chat 10/9/2003
  • woo

    I thought Lobel hosted the ‘Oldies 103′ morning drive, was that only short-term?

    • Mark

      That was shortlived. Lobel had to drop out because he was going to have back surgery in October which was followed by weeks of post-surgery rehab. Oldies 103.3 named a new morning team in November – Chris Zito and Karen Blake.

  • Chris

    Be on the lookout for 24 instances of ‘Why don’t WE get players like that?’ That’s six instances per day, for a total of 24.

  • sam the butcher

    Shocked that Lobel can get up so early after his late night soirees!

  • Tom

    Lobel is horrible on WBZ morning radio. If unlistenable was a word, it would describe his sportscast.

    • Indy

      I agree. I listened (and cringed)the past two days with his folksy ad-libbing. He never reported on any sports scores of games played by non-Boston teams. I’m glad he is only on for a few days; he would be a disaster as a full time replacement for Gil Santos.

  • vl

    Say what you will, when you get a sports report from Lobel, he says it as it is – he gives us the “real” story not the cowtow to anyone – teams or otherwise. Don’t you want to know the truth about what’s going on with our sports teams? I do. Also, people in glass houses . . .

  • RLF

    What happened to Bob Lobel this morning? He sounded angry, unprepared and a bit petulant. It was awkward.